Steven Guilbeault’s Denial Of Liberal Government Media Licensing Plan Cannot Be Trusted

The Liberals tried to sneak it through and got caught. Now, they’ll try in a different way.

As I reported earlier, the Liberals are now denying that they plan to force media to obtain government licenses, despite having said so just a day ago:

Here’s what they say now:

Here’s what they said the day before:

The fact is Guilbeault’s denial simply cannot be trusted.

The Liberal government has lied over and over and over again.

They commissioned a study that produced a massive document pushing for exactly what the Liberals always wanted: A government-controlled media takeover.

Then, they got caught, and Canadians reacted with 100% justified outrage against this attack on our freedoms.

Now that they’ve been caught, they’re pretending they have no plans to do it, but what they’re really doing is biding their time.

They will wait until attention is focused elsewhere, then they’ll put this takeover in another piece of legislation, or use other government power to impose it.

They’re counting on us being distracted and not fighting back.

That’s why we must be vigilant, and continue to stand up for our rights and freedoms as Canadians.

Guilbeault and the Liberals cannot be trusted. They tried to takeover the media, and they’ll try it again. And when they do, all freedom-loving Canadians must be ready.

Spencer Fernando

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