LEADERSHIP: Erin O’Toole Expresses Support For Recognizing Israel’s Capital Jerusalem

His remarks come after Peter MacKay said he wouldn’t, then backtracked.

Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole is taking a strong stand in support of Israel, making it clear that he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a move which the United States and other countries have recently made:

“Canada needs to stand with Israel again, as we did under Stephen Harper. It’s time to recognize the reality that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and move our embassy there.”

This is a great move by O’Toole, as it’s both the right thing to do, and something which is popular among the Conservative base.

O’Toole’s courageous stance contrasts with Peter MacKay, who said he wouldn’t commit to that as reported by the Post Millennial:

“On Monday, The Post Millennial asked MacKay the circumstances in which he would move the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem, MacKay said, “Well that’s where we need to talk to people and find out what the various perspectives and circumstances would be.”

“This is a complicated subject and I’m not in a position to do it, so I can’t be presumptuous in making these kind of commitments until I hear from people. I think that would be understood that consultation just over a week into a leadership contest—it would be rather presumptuous for me to say this is what I’m gonna do based on the outcome that’s yet to arrive,” MacKay added.”

Notably, MacKay’s position went against what Conservative members had voted for. Then, MacKay quickly backtracked:

While MacKay’s new position is the right one, Erin O’Toole deserves credit for making the right decision from the beginning.

O’Toole continues to show that he’s focused on winning the support of the Conservative base and representing the views of Canadian Conservatives.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter