WATCH: Donald Trump Delivers State Of The Union Address

U.S. President delivers the address amid rising approval ratings, a strong U.S. economy, and an impending impeachment acquittal.

U.S. President Donald Trump is delivering the State of the Union address, at the height of his political influence.

Trump’s approval ratings hit a new high in the Gallup Poll, with strong economic numbers, and with an impending impeachment acquittal on Wednesday.

You can watch Trump’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Watching it now. Canada needs a Trump. Shared.

Ron Shaw

To bad Canada doesn’t have a leader rather a leadership issue . As a retired Canadian in Arizona for the winter , for six months , I’m just so proud of the USA , it’s leadership and the positive direction president Trump is taking the country . What shame and disrespect our leader has for fellow western Canadians . A prime minister who systematically is tearing our country provinces and citizens apart . It is a shame that liberal hatred in both countries is so destructive that separation from Canadian confederation is now likely upcoming .
Canadians deserve better !


I would say that again Pres. Trump gave a very good speech. Too bad that the doom and gloom of the anti USA Democrats even though somehow elected in the USA are still trying hard to put down this President instead of being unifying to their country. Nancy Pelossi ripping up her copy of the address on camera was very rude and hateful as Democrats who supported our lieberals through our last election are.
Pres. Trump has been putting the USA back together and doing a great job.


President Trump has got a good memory hardly looks at his script,and just talks and talks.He cares about his people tries to put more money into their pockets to improve standard of living.Our canadian politicians constantly look how to take more money out of our pockets by inventing things like carbon tax etc,etc.Scher tried to put more money into our pockets but unfortunately he lost the election.Our politicians now haven’t got a clue how we live .All they want to do is argue about nothing,and who cares how Canadian live,and if you say something they are ready to demonise you… Read more »

Gary major

Canada needs a Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish our PM loved his country as much as the President loves his.


It’s time for Pelosi, the 80 year old whiner, that’s subject to temper tantrums when she can’t have her own way, should not go away mad, she should just go fade away ASAP!

Shiela S

Thankyou for supplying this Spencer,,, I hadnt seen it until now