WATCH: Trudeau Attacks Conservatives For Asking If Canadians Michael Kovrig & Spavor Will Be Brought Home

Trudeau’s disgraceful response is yet another aspect of his weakness and inability to get results.

During question period, Conservative deputy leader Leona Alleslev asked Justin Trudeau if Canadian Citizens Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor would be among the Canadians returning to Canada from China.

Trudeau’s response?

He called the question silly, and attacked the Conservatives.

It’s a disgraceful move by Trudeau, and yet another example of his pathetic weakness and inability to get any real results for Canadians or generate any respect among the leaders of other countries.

You can watch the moment below:

“.@LeonaAlleslev asks the PM if detained Canadians Spavor & Kovrig will be returning to Canada on the flight from Wuhan.

“I hope the member opposite withdraws that question and the silliness involved,” said @JustinTrudeau #cdnpoli”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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