If The Liberals Block The Teck Frontier Mine, They’ll Be Deciding To Push Alberta Out Of Canada

There’s simply no other conclusion we can reach if the Liberals reject it.

As I’ve said before, Canada is a country that can work quite well if each part of the country is free to develop and prosper from their core industries.

If Alberta & Saskatchewan are free to develop the energy industry, if B.C. is free to develop forestry, if Ontario is free to to develop manufacturing, if Quebec is free to develop aerospace, and if Atlantic Canada is free to develop the fisheries industry, then each region will feel included, valued, and free to prosper within Canada, keeping the nation united.

But if one region is targeted by the government while other regions are free, if one industry is blocked and actively opposed by the government, then separatist sentiment will rise, as we’re seeing in the West.

And now, with reports that Liberal MPs from the East are pushing the government to reject the massive Teck Frontier oilsands mine in Alberta, it’s clear that the Liberals may end up directly pushing Alberta out of Canada.

It was a point made by Conservative Alberta MP Shannon Stubbs:

“Let me offer this serious caution: a political rejection of Teck Frontier (rigorously scientifically & technically reviewed by experts & determined to be in the public interest) will be perceived by most Albertans as a final rejection of Alberta by Canada.”

We can see that Stubbs is totally right on this one.

If the Liberals reject it, then they’ll be deciding to push Alberta out of the country, ensuring that the Liberal ‘legacy’ is a nation torn apart, divided, broken, and at risk of collapse.

Spencer Fernando

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