WATCH: Liberal Ambassador To China Pushes Communist Party Line, Falsely Claims Canadian Huseyin Celil Is Not A Canadian Citizen


Recently, I reported on how Canada’s Ambassador to China – Dominic Barton – has multiple investments that are tied into the interests of massive state-owned corporations in the Communist State.

Now, it gets even worse.

During an appearance at a House of Commons COmmittee, Barton was asked about Huseyin Celil, a Canadian Citizen who has been detained by Communist China for over a decade.

Yet, when asked about Celil, Barton’s response was horrendous:

“Last night I asked Trudeau’s hand-picked ambassador about a Canadian detained in China. This was his response.”

Note, by denying Celil’s citizenship status, Barton is repeating the Chinese Communist Party line. China doesn’t recognize dual citizenship, so in their eyes, Huseyin Celil is not a Canadian Citizen.

Yet, from the perspective of Canadian Law, Celil is 100% a Canadian Citizen.

So, Barton is taking the Chinese Communist Party position, in direct opposition to Canada.

This should scare all Canadians, since it shows Barton is an advocate for the views of Communist China, not the views of Canadians.

Clearly, he cannot be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

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Lance Boyle

Austria, Netherlands, Japan. Grrrrr. Other countries that don’t recognize dual citizenship.
Quite frankly, we should do the same. You cannot be loyal to two countries at the same time.

Gordon Stevenson

Relevant information in the article posted Ex-Chinese spy says politicians are targets
The Canadian Press
Published Wednesday, November 30, 2011. a quote .. the main goal of Chinese spies is to learn “how to influence the politician,” for example to get him to speak out on China’s behalf. They also want to plant seeds “to influence this gentleman to do something, say when he’s doing some policy-making.”