On Immigration, Canada’s Silent Majority Won’t Be Silenced Forever

Canadians of all backgrounds have a right to an opinion on immigration.

Among the things that all fair-minded Canadians can agree on is that in a democratic nation, we should be able to share our views freely on a wide range of subjects, and that the views of Canadians should be translated into government policy.

And given that agreement, we can agree that when those views are not taken into account, and not translated into policy, then it’s tougher and tougher to consider a nation democratic.

Now, I can almost hear you thinking “Canadians are constantly ignored by the government.”

And you’re 100% correct.

One of the issues on which Canadians are most ignored is the issue of immigration.

Poll after poll shows a majority of Canadians opposing higher levels of immigration, while only a tiny fraction of the population wants to see increased immigration levels.

In fact, we regularly see that a majority of Canadians say they want immigration levels to be lowered.

A recent poll I shared on Twitter got a massive reaction, with over 14,000 people voting:


Some don’t consider Twitter polls legitimate, saying they aren’t scientific surveys, but with a big response and a clear winner online polls can certainly provide an insight into the sentiments of many Canadians.

And as I pointed out as the response to the poll continued to grow, even the scientific surveys show a majority of Canadians want to lower immigration:

“Some people seem surprised over my Twitter poll showing MASSIVE amounts of Canadians wanting less immigration. Yet, the fact is limiting immigration is mainstream position of most Canadians. Advocating for huge continued increases is an extremist view.”


Another thing about immigration polls: Since the far-left demonizes anyone who says they want lower immigration levels, many Canadians with legitimate concerns about immigration are afraid to make those concerns public, and will often say what they think is ‘politically-correct,’ rather than what they really believe. So, the polls showing a majority of Canadians wanting lower immigration are likely under-representing the number of Canadians who want lower immigration.

And there’s something else that must be said: Canada’s immigration levels are an outlier, even among pro-immigration Western nations. OUr levels are far higher on a per capita basis than the United States, the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries. In fact, even if Canada cut immigration in half, we would still have very high immigration levels.

So, it’s entirely possible for someone to be in favour of immigration, while also wanting to cut Canada’s current immigration rate.

Additionally, since Canada is already a very diverse nation, and since millions of Canadians want lower immigration levels, it means that Canadians of all backgrounds, all races, all creeds, and all political parties want to see lower levels of immigration, which absolutely destroys the crazy far-left claim that opposition to higher immigration is somehow ‘racist.’

And yet, despite all that you just read, the Canadian government refuses to listen to what Canadians want, and instead does the opposite.

Rather than reduce Canada’s high immigration levels, the Trudeau government has dramatically increased them by about 33% yearly.

It’s a profoundly anti-democratic move.

And Canada’s political class refuses to listen to Canadians, with the Liberals and NDP pushing for higher immigration, and the Conservatives often too afraid to call for lower immigration, despite the majority of Canadians, and a huge majority of Conservative supporters, wanting lower immigration levels. Ironically, despite their struggles in the 2019 campaign, the only party that is expressly inline with the views of a majority of Canadians on immigration is the PPC, who called for reduction in immigration.

Note, as mentioned earlier, given that Canada’s immigration levels are already very high, even the reduction proposed by the PPC would still leave Canada with a very high yearly intake, yet another example of how there’s a big difference between wanting less immigration and being ‘anti-immigration.’

The silent majority won’t be silent forever

As you read this, Canada’s silent majority on the issue of immigration, the majority of Canadians of all backgrounds and beliefs who want to reduce immigration levels, has been silenced.

But that won’t last forever.

As we’ve seen in nations around the world, sooner or later the will of the People is expressed.

Of course, the Liberals are doing their best to stop the will of the People from being expressed, by trying to control the internet and wiping out freedom of the press. That’s why this is all connected. The battle against the Liberal attack on free speech, and the fight for the true views of Canadians on immigration to be expressed in our government are strongly linked.

As a result, the more we stand up for democracy, stand up for the truth, and fight back against the silencing of our fellow citizens, the sooner the day will come when the views of Canadians are the views of our government.

Spencer Fernando


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