WARNING: Why The Canadian Military Says Huawei Must Be Banned From Our 5G Networks

Report indicates insiders reveal military is pushing for the government to stop Huawei from getting access to Canada’s 5G networks.

According to a new report by the Globe & Mail reveals that the Canadian military is pushing for the federal government to ban Huawei from Canada’s 5G networks.

The report (paywalled), indicates that the concerns center around the military believing Huawei could be part of espionage on the part of the Chinese government, or could shut down infrastructure in Canada in the case of a crisis.

It is also believed that approving Huawei could cause the US and other close Canadian allies to stop sharing as much intelligence with us. That could raise the possibility of Canada not being warned of impending terrorist attacks or other potential dangerous facing Canadian citizens.

The concerns being expressed by the Canadian military are concerns that have been widely expressed about Huawei. Now, the Trudeau government must listen to the Canadian military, and take action to ban Huawei from Canada’s 5G networks.

If the government refuses to listen to the Canadian military, it can only be seen as an expression of disloyalty to our country, and fealty to China’s Communist State, putting Canada in serious danger.

Spencer Fernando

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