WATCH: Wet’suwet’en Nation Member Supports Coastal GasLink Pipeline, Says Many Protesters Are From Outside Community & From United States

What the corrupted establishment media won’t show you.

While the establishment media does the bidding of radical far-left protesters and billionaire elites in the United States, it turns out that actual members of the Wet’suwet’en Nation support the Coastal GasLink Pipeline.

One of those members is Shirley Wilson, who said the protests are one-sided, and that many are from outside the community and even from the United States:

“Wet’suwet’en Nation member Shirley Wilson supports #CoastalGasLink

“I don’t agree with the protests at all because it’s all one sided. The protestors that are there a lot come from out of area like Eastern Canada or even the USA.”

Have you noticed yet that the views of real Wet’suwet’en Nation members like Shirley Wilson never get shared in the establishment media?

They ignore her perspective and refuse to give voice to the many community members who want jobs and economic opportunity to help their communities become more independent and prosperous.

Instead, the media gives coverage to a tiny, unrepresentative minority of radical activist, including people who aren’t even from Canada.

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Spencer Fernando

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