Why Is Justin Trudeau Wasting Our Money On A Worthless UN Seat?

A seat on the UN Security Council will do nothing for Canada.

Just imagine how much better things could be for our country if we had a PM who was focused on helping Canada.

Instead, we see Justin Trudeau flying around the world, spending our hard-earned taxpayer dollars on paying off other countries for UN votes.

Recently, Trudeau went to Africa and pledged $10 million to helping entrepreneurs outside of Canada:


This is all about Trudeau trying to win the temporary UN security council seat, and basically amounts to Trudeau using our tax dollars to try and bribe other countries for votes.

Of course, you’re smart and you already know this is all a worthless vanity project for Justin Trudeau and the elites.

A UN security council is literally worthless, gives Canada zero influence, and zero power.

The permanent UN security council members, the US, the UK, France, Russia, and China, all have vetoes. So, any resolution can be blocked by even one country.

Canada will be voting with our fellow Western nations almost all the time, so we would just add a vote that doesn’t change the outcome. And in a rare example in which we voted as an outlier, it could just be vetoed anyway.

So, Trudeau is spending our taxpayer dollars for something does nothing for Canada, while real problems here at home are going unsolved.

Think of what our Veterans, homeless Canadians, citizens living on impoverished Reserves, and struggling seniors could do with the millions of dollars Trudeau is giving away. That money should be spent at home, not on a worthless UN seat.

Spencer Fernando

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