‘Radical Activists’ Are Becoming Domestic Terrorists

If a foreign country was sabotaging bridges, blocking trains, and calling for the shutdown of Canada, it would obviously be terrorism.

As reported by the Prince George Citizen, one of the bridges close to the Coastal GasLink project was sabotaged:

“A bridge leading to where the Coastal GasLink pipeline project is being greeted with opposition has been repaired after RCMP noticed it had been vandalized while rounding up protesters over the weekend.

RCMP said officers noticed on Friday the support beams had been cut and some bolts loosened on Lamprey Creek Bridge, making it unsafe to support any kind of traffic. By Saturday, repairs had been completed and made safe, and a criminal investigation launched, RCMP said.”

And now, some of the radicals are even bragging about destroying rail infrastructure:


As you and I can see clearly, this has gone far beyond ‘activism.’ In a free nation, people must always be free to protest and express themselves, and we certainly defend that right.

But there is a HUGE difference between a peaceful protest, and sabotaging infrastructure – putting lives at risk.

That’s not activism. It’s terrorism.

Canada is now dealing with domestic terrorism on our own soil, and only a firm decisive response can stop a further descent into chaos and lawlessness.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube