VIDEO: Scheer Rips Trudeau Amid Ongoing Illegal Blockades

“Justin Trudeau won’t even call these blockades what they are” ILLEGAL” says Scheer.

As the illegal blockades – and even domestic terrorism – continues across Canada, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is slamming Justin Trudeau.

In a video, Scheer notes that people have the right to protest, but don’t have the right to block the livelihoods of other Canadians.

Scheer makes clear that the rule of law must be upheld.

Scheer also points out that Justin Trudeau hasn’t even called the blockades illegal, despite the fact that they are obviously violating the law.

You can watch Scheer’s comments below:

“The blockades shutting down our country must be stopped, but Justin Trudeau won’t even call these blockades what they are: ILLEGAL.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Trudeau is a coward. This whole situation of criminal activity and his friends devastating the Canadian economy is ALL on him. We now hear of ships in foreign countries being hesitant to accept cargo as there is a possibility it couldn’t be unloaded here in Vancouver. What is going to happen to the many ships that are sailing across the Pacific, bound for terrorist-controlled Canada that can’t just turn around? They will end up anchored in Vancouver harbor or off the Northern end of Gabriola Island. No wonder many foreign companies and corporations have doubts about investing in or dealing… Read more »


Follow the money. You may be shocked or maybe not as to who is behind this movement. Somebody is paying.

Gary major

Hard to say who? Definitely someone is promoting this ,the presence of US plates on demonstraters cars here prove that!