DISGRACE: Trudeau Smiles, Shakes Hands With Iranian Foreign Minister From Regime That Murdered 57 Canadians

Sometimes, leaders must show aggression, anger, and resolve. Trudeau only shows weakness and submission.

While Canada descends into mob-rule anarchy, Justin Trudeau continues his pathetic globe-trotting adventures.

And one of the most disgraceful moments of his time in office just happened.

Trudeau has pictured meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif, the foreign minister of the same regime that murdered 57 Canadians when it shot down a Ukrainian Airlines plane.

“Not a good look to see PM Trudeau with smiling FM Zarif of Iran after Canadians killed at the hands of Iranian incompetence and malice on Ukrainian plane- not to mention the innocent Iranian protestors‘ killed.”

As Alex Brown said on Twitter, it’s a f*cking disgrace:

“57 Canadians murdered just one month ago. Back home, he’s left a nation powerless to just a few dozen professional protestors. Still plans to hit the beach next week to buy more UN votes.

What a f*cking disgrace.

Get any blood on your hands, @JustinTrudeau?”

“Prime minister @JustinTrudeau

How could you shake hands with a murderer and a fraud ? With a smile?!! #PS752″

“Yesterday he was shaking hands with a PM whose country puts gay people in jail, today he’s upped his game to shaking the hand of the Iranian FM whose country executes gay people. Truly flexible morales and beliefs.”

A leader is supposed to defend their country. And sometimes that means showing anger, showing aggression, and refusing to be cordial with someone who just committed a crime against your country and your people.

Instead, Trudeau shows weakness, submission, and acts like everything is alright.

Since you and I know how big a role image plays on the world stage, we know that Iran will be loving the image Trudeau has created. With his friendliness and refusal to get angry or get tough, Trudeau seems to be absolving Iran of their crimes, and it will be a huge propaganda win for the brutal Iranian regime.

Another pathetic failure by Justin Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Trudeau is way beyond his depth, maturity, and ability. Politics and how to be a politician is not something that is learned on the job. What a pathetic weak failure. Canada is collapsing and he is running around preaching.

Did anyone catch his disgusting words during his preaching in Germany? The CULTURE of Canada? Canadian CULTURE? He said years ago that Canada is a Post National State because there is no Canadian culture. What an ignorant ass. Every word out of his mouth is politically correct bullshit that he thinks the audience wants to hear.


You know what the prime minister is.Not Judeochristian and probably few screws missing upstairs,but don’t blame him. Blame idiotic voters that gave him the power he can not handle.

Major Tom

Birds of a feather! Didn’t Trudeau pick up Obama’s tab to send $650 million annually in tax dollars to Africa to pay for abortions? He has blood on his hands too!

WilliamPeter Gravel

Did you notice the smile on Zaria face it says “you F’N idiot your on the world stage, thank you Dog DoDo”, and look at his Minster he can’t get his eyebrow any higher or his eyes any bigger, he says “what are you doing Mr. Pr*ck your on show dummy”, when will this end?? I’m afraid it looks more like when Mulroney jump ship with few other knowing what was coming, the next election will be like Kim Campbell outcome kick down to two MP’s? Why are all the highly qualify Conservatives MP’s and other dropping out, be assure… Read more »