As Post-Nationalism Reigns, Canada Is Left Without Unity Or Strength

We knew this is what would happen.

Either through naivety or willful deception, the Trudeau Liberals have ignored the importance of developing a strong national identity.

They have falsely conflated the idea of racial diversity with national identity, claiming that a diverse nation can’t be unified on a national basis.

In fact, they have it exactly backwards.

Given the fact that people naturally have tribal instincts, it turns out that the only way to unify a racially diverse nation is to develop, promote, and constantly strengthen a Unifying National Identity, through Patriotism, Nationalism, and a focus on uniting all Canadians into one nation and one People.

Because, it turns out that the alternative is unsustainable.

Over and over and over again, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have pushed ‘Post-Nationalism,’ claiming Canada had no unifying ‘identity,’ in fact claiming that Canada had no identity at all.

You’ve been watching the consequences of the Liberal ‘Post-National’ agenda:

Canada is being deprived of our history, the idea of Western Civilization (upon which Canada’s freedoms are based) is being erased, Canadians are being demonized as ‘oppressors,’ our country is accused of ‘genocide’ by our own Prime Minister, Canadians are expected to take on guilt for things we didn’t even do, and all positive aspects of Canada are ignored.

Now, Canada has no unity, no strength, and our country is literally being dictated to by a tiny minority of radical activists.

We can’t build anything, national unity is gone, the threat of separation and the country breaking up is rising, and Canada is a total joke.

This was inevitable.

A country without an identity isn’t a country.

A country that ignores and wipes out it’s own history will be left with nothing.

A country that forgets how it became free will lose that freedom.

And that’s exactly what’s happening now.

Spencer Fernando


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