Protests Spread As The Liberals Show Weakness

Radicals have figured out that Trudeau won’t impose any punishments for lawbreaking, so lawbreaking will increase.

Amid pathetic weakness by the Trudeau Liberals, we are already seeing more protests.

First, the Thousand Islands Bridge to the U.S. was temporarily blocked, with authorities telling people to find an alternative route rather than clearing out the blockage.

And now, sections of Bloor St. have been shut down as demonstrators ‘in solidarity’ with the illegal blockades blocked the road:

Bloor St closed from Bathurst St to Shaw
– large group of participants
– police will assist with movement of this march#GO339896

S/B Bay St at College St
– birds eye view of demonstration from
– officers o/s assisting with traffic & crowd control
– demonstrators have stopped at the intersection of Bay/College
– expect delays
– consider alternate routes

Of course, there’s a huge difference between the illegal blockades and a regular street protest. But as I noted above, a border crossing was already temporarily shut down – which is clearly an illegal act.

This is no surprise.

Weakness invites further challenge, and by refusing to enforce the laws, the Trudeau Liberals have shown immense weakness.

Lawbreakers, radical blockaders, have been given reign over our railways, shutting them down with impunity and without consequence.

As a result, more and more radicals will be emboldened to violate the law, and the biggest victims of all this will be the hard-working law-abiding Canadian taxpayers who pay the bills for this country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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