Trudeau Has Handed Canada Over To A Small Group Of Radicals

If the Prime Minister can’t deal with a tiny group of extremists who don’t even represent their own community, what’s the point of having a Prime Minister at all?

As you and I watch Canada continue to be held hostage by a tiny group of radicals, it’s becoming clear that our country itself has been handed over.

And the person who handed it over is the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

We are seeing a tiny group of radicals – who are going against what the actual Wet’suwet’en community and elected leaders want – be given full authority to illegally shut down our rail lines, cause looming shortages, and damage our economy, with total impunity.

Trudeau has already said that police force will not be used, which amounts to unilateral surrender to the radicals.

The Coastal GasLink project has met all rules for approval, is approved by the groups with legal authority on the land through which it passes, and enjoys majority support in the Wet’suwet’en community itself.

Meanwhile, the protests and blockades are illegal, and numerous court injunctions make that clear.

So, by refusing to stand up for law-abiding Canadians, and refusing to stand up for what the Wet’suwet’en community wants, Justin Trudeau has put the radicals in charge.

And as we know, by handing Canada over to this set of radicals, other radicals are waiting in the wings, watching and realizing that Canada is even weaker than they thought, and that illegal protest is now how to get your way.

That is incredibly dangerous, and we will all pay the price as our country is given away like nothing.

And a lot of Canadians are now asking: If the PM can’t even deal with this tiny group of radicals holding Canada hostage, then what’s the point of having a PM at all?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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