Trudeau Has Handed Canada Over To A Small Group Of Radicals

If the Prime Minister can’t deal with a tiny group of extremists who don’t even represent their own community, what’s the point of having a Prime Minister at all?

As you and I watch Canada continue to be held hostage by a tiny group of radicals, it’s becoming clear that our country itself has been handed over.

And the person who handed it over is the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

We are seeing a tiny group of radicals – who are going against what the actual Wet’suwet’en community and elected leaders want – be given full authority to illegally shut down our rail lines, cause looming shortages, and damage our economy, with total impunity.

Trudeau has already said that police force will not be used, which amounts to unilateral surrender to the radicals.

The Coastal GasLink project has met all rules for approval, is approved by the groups with legal authority on the land through which it passes, and enjoys majority support in the Wet’suwet’en community itself.

Meanwhile, the protests and blockades are illegal, and numerous court injunctions make that clear.

So, by refusing to stand up for law-abiding Canadians, and refusing to stand up for what the Wet’suwet’en community wants, Justin Trudeau has put the radicals in charge.

And as we know, by handing Canada over to this set of radicals, other radicals are waiting in the wings, watching and realizing that Canada is even weaker than they thought, and that illegal protest is now how to get your way.

That is incredibly dangerous, and we will all pay the price as our country is given away like nothing.

And a lot of Canadians are now asking: If the PM can’t even deal with this tiny group of radicals holding Canada hostage, then what’s the point of having a PM at all?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Trudeau junior’s solution to the FLQ Crisis would have been dialogue, as opposed to Trudeau senior’s solution. (I am a fan of neither, just adding to the evidence of Justin’s incompetence).

Rodney Brucks

I guess that the Conservative’s election slogan went from “Just not ready” to “Just doesn’t care”. Unfortunately, I am not sure if the Conservatives would actually care to do anything either.


I am not at all shock what Trudeau does. He made it very clear how much he despises Alta/western canada and shutting down them of the resources at any cost is the whole idea but, he had no idea that the radicals will exceed their hostage taking to other partts of canada. Trudeau is definitely to blame and the media.

Brian Dougan

Now is the time for a House of Commons vote of “no confidence.” Trudope is pleased to allow these radicals to do his dirty work. No Coastal GasLink. Just keep kicking the can down the road, and arresting law abiding citizens. This anti-Canadian government must be brought down, and brought down hard. When is enough…enough?? We’ve gone way past the point of endurance; this is insane.


The only other way to get rid of him is the governor general and that will never happen. Politicians in all three levels of government are disgusting cowards. Canada has gone to the dogs. Come to think of it, the dogs would be better than the cretins we have in government.


Agreed! What would happen to a bunch of peaceful Canadians taking down their illegal Baracades??? Yep arrested, charged, jail!

Arie Intveld

These self-proclaimed saviours of planet Earth are NOT engaging in peaceful protest. They are anarchists engaged in economic terrorism against Canada. And a handful of these anarchists also happen to be well-compensated Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs. These blockades aren’t about safeguarding our natural environment; they are about MONEY. Who’s providing logistical support for these anarchists? It’s high time to blockade the blockades …. nothing in and nothing out. Block all cellular communications within 50 miles of each blockade. And I have just the man for the job. None other than our Public Safety Minister, “Kettlin” Bill Blair. Ten years have passed… Read more »

Miles Lunn

Exactly and most protesters are your upper middle class white SJWs so if not this issue they will find another issue. They spend too much time reading Karl Marx’s Communist manifesto and want a revolution to bring in their hardcore leftist policies. We need a PM who stands up to them. What is ironic is I somehow doubt his father would have acted this way. After all it was his father who called in the army to crush the FLQ and as much as I disliked his father’s economic policies, he at least had the guts to deal with radicals… Read more »


Hi alleged father also brought in his National Energy Program in order to make the Western Canadian Economy suffer. Tens of thousands of us lost our jobs. Anyone here remember the dollar mortgages?


It is world news now too. The paid radicals are shutting down even parts of the central USA even as our mainstream media won’t report it, read Canada Free Press, read LAHT etc. This is bigger than the trudeau puppets alone and they knew well before he left Canada.
Has anyone else been noticing that a lot of the illiberal and despot ruled countries are putting on huge military shows of power? with Russia and China backing them? I have not seen this in our tax paid media either.


This country is lost under this Liberal govt. Having said that where is Ford in the provincial house chasing the OPP to remove the blockade at Belleville on CN rail who have a injunction to remove them. Canada has become a Country where innocence is condemned to protect the criminal element.


What’s Kenny doing about this in Alberta? For the amounts of news watched and read, haven’t heard really anything about what each province Premiers are doing? Maybe all of the provinces premieres have to meet and decide what actions to take provincialy! If every province does the exact same as the rest of the provinces, then we can get CN, CP, Vis running way sooner than that joke of a Prime Minister and his liberals???