Canada Could Be The Greatest Example Of Western Civilization. Instead, It’s Breaking Apart

The loss of a nation with so much potential would be a tragedy.

Canada is a nation built upon the ideas of Western Civilization.

A heritage of ideas that can be traced back to ancient Greece, flourishing in ancient Rome, and finding expression and worldwide transmission through the British Empire and its descendants, Western Civilization has been the foundation of the world’s strongest democracies and freest people’s.

Individual Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Democracy, Equality between Men & Women, are all ideas that flourished first and foremost in Western Civilization, and those ideas have made the nations founded upon that civilization the nations that people from around the world most wish to live in.

As we consider that, we can see how Canada could be the greatest example of Western Civilization.

We could be an example of how people who originated from all across the world can come together, embrace the values of Freedom & Liberty, and provide a clear rebuke to the ruthless dictatorships that still deny their citizens freedom.

We could show how a nation with strong labour standards can develop resources responsibly, enriching our own nation while providing alternatives to resources developed by oppressive dictatorships.

And we could show how many people can be unified as one nation, under one rule of law, and be treated truly as equals, no matter where we came from or what our history is.

That potential is there.

But right now, it’s being wasted.

Instead of being the world’s greatest example of Western Civilization, Canada is breaking apart.

And a key reason for our growing division, and the growing threat of our collapse has been a group of leaders – particularly Justin Trudeau – who are actively hostile to Western Civilization.

The very reason people wish to come to Canada is to enjoy things like freedom of religion, and freedom from government coercion. And it’s no coincidence that those ideas thrived most within Judeo-Christian, Democratic Nations in the Western World.

Yet, Justin Trudeau and his fellow elites are actively hostile to Christian Canadians, and have so throughly demonized the Western World that millions of people in our country see the Western World as nothing but evil.

Entire generations are now being told that the Western World is nothing but oppression, colonization, and genocide.

They are taught that ‘all civilizations’ are somehow the same, which completely glosses over the fact that millions of people fought and died to keep the ideas that stemmed from Western Civilization alive.

Imagine this:

You build a beautiful home upon an incredibly strong foundation.

You keep on adding to the home, inviting more and more people in.

You encourage every new person to take an active role in maintaining that foundation, emphasizing how valuable and important the foundation is to the entire structure.

But, after a while, you start ignoring the foundation, even as the home gets larger and larger, and more and more people are brought in.

At some point, you forget all about the foundation, and just assume the house will keep on standing no matter what.

Sooner or later, that foundation will start to weaken, and one day, it will break apart entirely. And when that moment arrives, the entire structure will collapse.

That’s the stage Canada is rapidly approaching, if we’re not already there.

Years of demonizing the foundation of our country, years of calling our nation genocidal, years of demonizing the ideas of Western Civilization that Canada was built upon, have taken their toll.

Without a common sense of ideas that form a common national identity, without a love and respect for our past, and without an understanding of what makes Canada truly special, our nation is losing its soul.

And as that happens, any sense of a unified Canada is fading away, leaving division, anger, and chaos in its wake.

We are running out of time.

Spencer Fernando


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