Emboldened Extremists Attempt ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ On B.C. Premier

The weakness of the Trudeau Liberals has emboldened extremists, and now all bets are off.

As I’ve been saying, the more the Trudeau Liberals refuse to enforce the laws, and the more they show weakness, the more emboldened radical extremists will become.

And that’s exactly what’s happened.

A group of ‘extinction rebellion’ radicals went to the home of B.C. Premier John Horgan, and staged what they called a ‘Citizens Arrest.’

They laid down on his driveway, attempting to prevent him from leaving.

They were then arrested, showing that the law apparently only gets enforced when a politician is ‘inconvenienced.’

Still, it’s very disturbing that protesters feel emboldened enough to go to the home of a ‘leader’ and threaten to ‘arrest’ them.

It’s a sign that far more escalation is on the way, which we knew would happen.

Trudeau’s weakness has made it clear that there are no real consequences to law-breaking, as long as that ‘law-breaking’ is covered up with the veneer of ‘activism.’

Meanwhile, law-abiding Canadians get screwed over again and again and again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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The fascists are gaining ground. trudeau’s Canadezualea : where terrorists are protected, law abiding citizens are fair game, right of center reporters are arrested & interrogated. Shared.

Gary major

I wonder if hogan gets it now?

Lance Boyle

Har! Har! Horgan. More than happy to foster this crap when he was not in government.
I see you are getting the joys of protesting. Good and Hard.
BTW. Horgan is not the leader of the Government of British Columbia. He is the Premier. He is the leader of the New Democratic Party, but that’s it.

We don’t elect leaders. We elect governments.