The Liberals Are Now Calling Canadians Racist

Anything to distract from the mounting crisis caused by Liberal weakness.

With the Trudeau Liberals being exposed as unwilling to enforce the rule of law, and unwilling to respect the voices of the actual ELECTED Indigenous leaders who want the Coastal GasLink Pipeline, the Liberals are now resorting to their usual desperation tactic:

Call Canadians racist.

That’s what Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller is doing, as his ‘attempts’ to end the blockade failed pathetically:

“Minister Miller says he’s concerned about the “growing tides of bigotry and racism” that Indigenous protestors are feeling. #Wetsuwetan #cdnpoli #onloli”

This is disgusting.

First of all, we know that the protesters don’t speak for most Indigenous People.

Secondly, Canadians of all backgrounds are outraged and pissed off at the illegal blockades, and are even more angry at the fact that the Liberal government is refusing to enforce the law.

Pointing out the disgraceful double-standard isn’t racist, it’s common sense.

For Miller to attack Canadians just shows how weak and disloyal the Liberals have become, as they betray law-abiding Canadians and reward illegal extremist blockaders.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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