The Liberals Are Now Calling Canadians Racist

Anything to distract from the mounting crisis caused by Liberal weakness.

With the Trudeau Liberals being exposed as unwilling to enforce the rule of law, and unwilling to respect the voices of the actual ELECTED Indigenous leaders who want the Coastal GasLink Pipeline, the Liberals are now resorting to their usual desperation tactic:

Call Canadians racist.

That’s what Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller is doing, as his ‘attempts’ to end the blockade failed pathetically:

“Minister Miller says he’s concerned about the “growing tides of bigotry and racism” that Indigenous protestors are feeling. #Wetsuwetan #cdnpoli #onloli”

This is disgusting.

First of all, we know that the protesters don’t speak for most Indigenous People.

Secondly, Canadians of all backgrounds are outraged and pissed off at the illegal blockades, and are even more angry at the fact that the Liberal government is refusing to enforce the law.

Pointing out the disgraceful double-standard isn’t racist, it’s common sense.

For Miller to attack Canadians just shows how weak and disloyal the Liberals have become, as they betray law-abiding Canadians and reward illegal extremist blockaders.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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WEXIT is the only solution. Somewhere in this area of land we call Canada, we have to have a place to preserve democracy and freedom. It sure as hell isn’t anywhere that Liberals slither.


It’s one of the authoritarian left’s favorite weapons / cop outs : Division. – Shared.


The racist and bigotry comments are nothing more than ‘look, a squirrel!’ intended to distract and deflect from Liberal’s impotence to deal with anything in the least bit controversial. If we snap at this bait, it provides cover for this minister’s weakness. He’s crapping his drawers, afraid Canada will demand he man up. Don’t be led into a useless debate on racism, keep the pressure on him to apply the rule of law.

Gary major

trudeau is freaking at being held away from chasing that MYTHICAL UN seat ! The result he’s taking it out on Canadians and Canada!


Trudeau ought to resign, then chase that UN seat on his own time, and dime.


Calling hard working Canadians racist will only increase Canada’s disgust for these cowardly liberal pukes.


Liberals can not wrap their heads around Legal or Illegal. Law or not Law! When caught in a lie or Ethical breach they always call Canadians names, really not an Adult behaviour it is Childish. Canadians know a CON JOB FROM THE LIBERALS. YOU CAN STOP CALLING NAMES AS THAT IS ANOTHER SIGN OF NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

Moe S.

Another sanctimonious Liberal snob.

Miles Lunn

Vast majority of protesters are white not indigenous. Never mind 20 of the 20 elected band councils support Coastal Gaslink, 85% of Wet’suwet’en support it, and 8 of 13 hereditary chiefs do. Most protesters are left wing activists who hate oil and gas would find a way to protest over development of resources one way or another. If not this, they would find a different reason

Major Tom

This federal government is a criminal enterprise….criminal activity is their comfort zone……


People should look at the family history of his father during WW2? Spencer Fernando, please do a story on who his father sympathized with?


No more sympathy for the first nation, as of now they are alone in their quest , as they focus their ptoblem on the population instead the gouv office . So we the tax payer will demand the army to protect our infrastructure ..