As Trudeau’s Weakness Continues, A New Illegal Blockade Has Gone Up In Alberta

It’s a group calling itself “Cuzzins for Wet’suwet’en.”

At this point, it’s embarassing that we even have to keep saying this, since it’s such a basic aspect of human nature, but clearly, the Trudeau Government doesn’t get it:

Refusing to enforce the rule of law will only encourage more lawbreaking.

And that’s exactly what’s happened.

A new illegal blockade has gone up, this time in West Edmonton.

It’s by a group calling themselves “Cuzzins for Wet’suwet’en.”

“Land Defenders bringing the frontlines to Edmonton #AllEyesOnWetsuweten #CoastalGasLink #WetsuwetenStrong”

According to reports, the group laid down on the train tracks and forced a train to stop and turn back.

This is where Canada is now:

A group called ‘Cuzzins’ with a few hundred Twitter followers is able to choke off a part of our economy at a moment’s notice, while the Federal Government does absolutely nothing about it.

Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe the weakness and disgrace Trudeau is bringing upon our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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This can only get worse.

Don Taylor

Trudeau and his goons are proving to be the dumbest and worthless Govt In Canadian History


Yes but the despots the puppet lieberals work for, has the power to set up these protests against Canada so Trudeau must let this continue as part of the program they are running against Canadians as we know.


Couldn’t have picked a better Prime Minister to go all in on treaty and land disputes…

Ben Eby

Like many Albertans, I will be very surprised if Edmontonians allow their hardworking reputation to be sullied by a few, out of work societal slugs, who are being paid by foreigners. The goal of foreign interference has nothing to do with protecting indigenous rights nor the climate, it’s all directed at destroying our provincial resource economy and thereby our social and economic well being. At the moment Canada has lapsed into a state of lawlessness, aided and abetted by our extremely weak government leadership, and the poor quality of the MPs from all parties. It may eventually be necessary for… Read more »


Ya but the only problem is ‘edmontonians’ are pretty far left in their thinking, they do after support the ndp.

Lance Boyle

Deer in the headlights is about the only thing I can think of regarding Trudeau handling all this. Even Butts, Trudeau’s “brain”, has no answer for this or is willing to throw Trudeau and Canada under the bus for his real boss, G.S.

Cheryl Prosyk

This child does not have a clue on how to run a country. If the people protesting are on any government cheques such as welfare, the cheques need to be stopped now. People are being laid off due to this stupid up rising and they will not be paid, so these protesters should not receive any money.


1795 Treason and Seditious Practices Act is still in effect to this Day, Tony Blair did try to repeal the death sentence for treason to life in prison, but he did not have the authority to do so, as the Security Clause is in effect, so it changed nothing. Treason is still punishable by a Stripping of All Assets and the Death Penalty. Even in CANADA in fact Treason is the only Capital Offence in in Canada.