CHAOS: As Trudeau Spews Empty Word Salad, Yet Another Illegal Blockade Is Up

A blockade is up south of Montreal.

Trudeau’s weakness is emboldening chaos across the nation, with new blockades seemingly springing up constantly.

First, a new blockade went up overnight in Edmonton.

Now, another blockade is up, this time close to Montreal:

“New blockade is up south of Montreal in solidarity with the #Wetsuweten. “We are more than 100 assembled on the rails, with the intention of staying here until the RCMP withdraws,” this post says. #cdnpoli”

Trudeau’s weakness and pathetically craven and empty word salad has clearly emboldened lawbreakers across the nation.

Trudeau’s weakness is causing chaos to spread across Canada, imperiling our economy and our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter