HYPOCRITE: After Claiming Government Doesn’t Control RCMP, Trudeau Says They’re Considering Removing RCMP From Specific Location

So, which is it?

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly said that the federal government doesn’t control the RCMP.

Of course, Trudeau is wrong.

The RCMP is under the authority of the Public Safety Minister.

The Public Safety Minister serves in Cabinet.

The Prime Minister controls Cabinet and decides who is in it.

The Prime Minister also has the authority to appoint the head of the RCMP, and give orders to the individual who is at the head of the RCMP in terms of authority – including the Public Safety Minister.

So, the Prime Minister certainly has the power to direct the Public Safety Minister to in turn direct the RCMP to enforce court injunctions. The Prime Minister can also order the Public Safety Minister to make personnel changes within the department and force under their control.

What this means is that when Trudeau is claiming he “can’t do anything,” he’s lying.

And he even revealed his own lie, after the Bloc leader called on Trudeau to remove the RCMP from territory claimed by the unelected hereditary Wet’suwet’en chiefs.

“Wow. Blanchet wants Trudeau to withdraw RCMP from Wetsueten territory. Trudeau says it’s a good idea they’re discussing with BC”

Of course, the question you have in your head is probably exactly what I’m asking too:

“How can Trudeau talk to BC about withdrawing the RCMP if he has no authority over the RCMP?”

The fact is that Trudeau is simply lying once again to Canadians.

He has authority he can use.

He is simply choosing not to use it, handing Canada over to a small group of radical extremists rather than enforcing the rule of law.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter