POLL: Majority Of Canadians Want Police To End Illegal Blockades

Survey shows only the Conservatives are on the side of Canadian public opinion, while the other parties are on the side of lawbreakers.

A new survey by Ipsos has confirmed what we already knew was true:

Canadians want the police to enforce the law.

The survey shows a majority of Canadians (53%), want the police to intervene and end the illegal blockades, while just 28% oppose police intervention.

This is what we’ve been saying from the beginning, that the law must be enforced, and that the Canadian People expect the law to be enforced equally on everyone.

In addition, the survey shows 49% of Canadians have an unfavourable view of the illegal blockades, with 32% expressing a positive view.

Notably, the strongest opinions are among those who view the illegal blockades unfavourably. 27% say they have a “strongly unfavourable” view, while just 10% have a “strongly favourable” view.

38% say the illegal protests are a sign of “a healthy democracy and freedom of expression,” while 34% say it’s a sign of “an unhealthy democracy and a declining rule of law.” 28% say they don’t know their opinion on that question, likely afraid to say something that’s not ‘politically correct.’

Interestingly, Canadians also say (75%), that the federal government needs to “act now,” to raise the quality of life for Canada’s Indigenous People’s. That’s something we’ve often pointed out when it comes to foreign aid, as the government should be helping people here at home within our borders rather than giving our tax dollars to foreign dictatorships.

The fact that Canadians both oppose the illegal blockades and believe more should be done to help Indigenous Peoples shows that Canadians – unlike the pathetic Trudeau government – can differentiate between a real issue (living conditions for Indigenous People), and illegal activity – especially since many of the ‘activists’ aren’t even Indigenous and are committing illegal acts endangering the country.

On the issue of these illegal blockades,  Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are clearly on side with majority public opinion in this country, while Justin Trudeau, the NDP, the Separatist Bloc, and the Greens represent the fringe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

The Liberals have never been the brightest bulbs in the box,and with Trudeau leading them they are the dimmest and the people that voted for them are in the same category


Those are very thought producing numbers??? So only 53% of Canadians are Canadian thinkers still, who have not been left/right programmed totally??? and no radical illicit protests and blockades mean to me that democracy is NOT working the country is divided and not happy.


Seriously? Almost four out of10 Canadians think the blockades are a sign of a “healthy democracy ” ? What part of “the blockades are illegal” do they not get?


How helpless can a Country be???
Communist Countries I see they are helpless!
Is Canada a Communist Country already??
The Only Law enforcement going on in Canada is for the reigning Liberal Government agenda.
It’s just CRIMINAL. Canada is all but down the drain. All the sacrifice our Veterans did very sad.