VIDEO: Law-Abiding Canadians Take Down Illegal Blockade

If the government and police won’t enforce the law, then law-abiding Canadian Citizens will have to do the job.

As the pathetic weakness of Justin Trudeau and the entire federal liberal government apparatus is exposed on a daily basis, law-abiding Canadian Citizens are being forced to take things into their own hands.

In the video below, you can see law-abiding counter-protesters in Alberta taking down an illegal blockade:

“Counter-protesters hauling away the blockade and loading it into this truck.”

This is exactly what now has to happen.

If the federal government won’t enforce the laws, then law-abiding Canadians must step in and fill the gap. And as you can see in the video above, the counter-protesters were calm, reasonable, and dismantled the blockade without incident. That’s how it’s done.

So, we can see that while the Canadian government is still pathetically weak and disgraceful, many of the Canadian People are still strong.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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It seems the only strong united law abiding Canadians left in this once great land are from Alberta, and I agree and salute you, the only Province left with the most intelligent strong people.


Gee I also wonder if one of these law abiding citizens were hurt while removing these illegal blockades and had it on video and then sued them, I wonder if who these groups are working for? would end up exposed and in court so we could prove who really is behind all this illegal activity.


Patriots, taking care of business. Trudeau could take lessons from them – like he EVER would ?
He’s a disgraceful globalist trying to kill our country, so BRAVO to these brave citizens.


Good for them. Ordinary citizens doing what the police refuse to do. Makes sense it happened in Alberta too.


Shows how corrupt our politicians have become when they are not looking after Canadian needs and values.
Too worried of what other countries and leaders do than run their own country.


that pathetic thing called LEADER is disgusting

Don Taylor

How much news is being Censored ?

chris malmstrom

So far as destroying Canada, Trudoh is a complete success…
he’s a complete failure at everything else!