Reconciliation Nears Final Destruction Under Justin Trudeau

The oppressive and paternalistic view of Indigenous People held by Trudeau and the Liberal elites is about to destroy any real hope for reconciliation in Canada.

At the core, ‘Reconciliation’ is about equality.

Ensuring that Indigenous People are treated equally, not worse, and not better, than all Canadians.

And a key part of treating people equally means respecting the decisions they make democratically.

When people vote for something, when elected leaders make a decision after consulting their communities through the proper process and winning approval, ‘Reconciliation’ means respecting that decision and defending it.

So, when it comes to the Coastal GasLink Pipeline, ‘Reconciliation means recognizing that the vast majority of Wet’suwet’en community members support the project, and 20 out of 20 elected leaders support it. It has the democratic legitimacy to proceed.

Meanwhile, the Hereditary Chiefs (who are unelected) are split, with some in favour and some against. In fact, some of the Hereditary Chiefs opposed to the project ran for elected positions and were defeated by those who support it.

So again, in this case, Reconciliation means respecting the choice of the Wet’suwet’en People, which means supporting the Coastal GasLink project.

But now, Justin Trudeau is preparing to do the opposite, and may very well deliver a death blow to Reconciliation and the rule of law.

Trudeau is leaving the door open to meeting with the unelected, unrepresentative Hereditary Chiefs, which would elevate them and elevate the illegal blockades.

In one fell swoop, Trudeau would be ignoring the will of the Wet’suwet’en People, spitting in the face of their members and elected leaders, and rewarding those who ignored their own community and violated the rule of law.

What we are seeing is Trudeau’s oppressive and paternalistic view of First Nations People’s: He only listens to those who fit the stereotype of ‘opposing all development,’ rather than respecting the diversity of views within Canada’s Indigenous Communities.

Just imagine how Indigenous People and elected Indigenous leaders across Canada will feel if that happens. Their democratic decisions, their right to make their own choices for their communities, will have been betrayed by the Prime Minister and usurped by non-representative activists who want to keep Indigenous People poor and financially insecure.

And the broader Canadian population will watch and see that law-abiding People who follow the rules get nowhere, while lawbreakers get power and respect.

“If Trudeau meets with the unelected individuals who don’t represent their community and gives in to their demands, while ignoring the democratic will of the Wet’suwet’en People, he will fully destroy reconciliation and the rule of law will be henceforth seen as a pathetic joke.”

That will destroy Reconciliation, and cause a cascading collapse of respect for the Rule of Law, with devastating consequences for the future of Canada.

Trudeau’s ‘legacy’ may be as the Destroyer of all that could have been good and prosperous in our nation.

Spencer Fernando


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