WHAT A COINCIDENCE: A Day After Trudeau Says It’s “Good Idea,” RCMP Offers To Leave Wet’suwet’en Territory

Why should anyone believe Trudeau on anything?

Justin Trudeau has been claiming that the government has no control over the RCMP, and can’t even ask them to enforce legal injunctions against the illegal blockades.

Of course, given all of Trudeau’s past lies, there’s really no reason to believe anything he says.

Now, there’s even more evidence Trudeau was being deceptive.

Yesterday, he said the idea of removing the RCMP from Wet’suwet’en territory (something only a minority of the community is asking for) was a “good idea.”

Then, the very next day, the RCMP has offered to leave:

“Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says he’s hoping the RCMP’s offer to leave their outpost on Wet’suwet’en territory in northern B.C. will lead to the barricades coming down, as talks aimed at ending the rail blockades crippling the country’s rail network continue.”

Does anyone really believe there wasn’t an order (whether formal or informal), that led to this move?

Are we supposed to think it was just a coincidence that the RCMP makes the offer the day after the PM said it was a “good idea”?

It’s yet another Trudeau deception, and it shows his instincts always trend towards giving in to radicals and extremists (including non-Indigenous activists who are going against the actual views of the majority of Wet’suwet’en People).

The disgrace continues.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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