Illegal Blockade Returns To Port Of Vancouver

A Communist anti-capitalist group is blocking an entrance to the Port.

With Justin Trudeau’s authority now completely drained, nobody is taking him seriously, and he commands zero respect.

As a result, the illegal blockades are continuing, and are in fact expanding, even after the OPP broke up an illegal blockade in Ontario earlier today.

An entrance to The Port of Vancouver is now being illegally blocked.

“Happening now: Images from City of Vancouver traffic cameras show anti-Coastal GasLink pipeline protesters blocking Hastings and Clark intersection.”

The Port had previously been blockaded, and now the blockade is back up.

It’s being led in part by the Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism, a group that appears to be advocating for Communism and the end of Capitalism.

Here’s how they describe themselves on Facebook:

“Red Braid Alliance is a revolutionary working class and Indigenous organization active on lands occupied by British Columbia, Canada.

We practice and advocate for a strategic unity between Indigenous peoples fighting for sovereignty through dismantling colonialism, the national struggles of peoples around the world against imperialism, and the working class for worlds without capitalism. We test our politics through practices of politicizing community survival struggles, political education, protest, and direct action.

We prepare to take power away from capitalists and colonizers by increasing the autonomous power of communities where we are, as part of the insurgent working class and Indigenous peoples’ movements of the world.

Together we fight for multiple worlds where production serves the needs of our communities, and where the free, full, creative, development of each person is the responsibility of all.”

Now, because of Justin Trudeau’s refusal to enforce the law, and his pathetic weakness, radical Communists are now so emboldened that they are putting up previously shut down illegal blockades once again.

Canada is falling apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Brian Dougan

These contemptible fools should walk the walk. Two and one-half suggestions for them: (1) Go spend the rest of your miserable lives in a forest; far; far away. (2) March in solidarity with the criminal who bankrupted Venezuela. (2b) Stay there. Walk the walk; quit interfering with our lives.

Gerri Page

It’s unfortunate we don’t have a Prime Minister..

Mourn for country

Perhaps Mr. T . could go personally to the blockades & offer to take a selfie with them. They will be so grateful to be in a picture with such a shining example of modern liberal ‘inclusiveness’ they will immediately disperse to get prints made.
That or perhaps another apology & a few $billion……..

Donald O'Kane

Arrest them, fine and incarcerate them. Any Non-Canadians, deport with an order never to return after we fine them. Find out whose financing all these protests and force them to reimburse Canada for all the lost revenue, products and wages incured. Maybe when it costs them Billions or Trillions of dollars they will think twice before doing that in Canada again.