Justin Trudeau Has Disqualified Himself From Being Prime Minister

His pathetic weakness is breaking the nation.

Justin Trudeau claimed that Andrew Scheer had “disqualified himself from constructive discussions,” after Scheer said the illegal blockades need to come down.

Of course, you and I all saw Justin Trudeau say the exact same thing a few days later, revealing that Trudeau was once again lying to the Canadian People and being a total hypocrite.

And yet, there is a deeper issue of “disqualification” here.

Just look and listen to what’s happening around the nation.

You can feel how it’s coming apart.

How the anger is growing.

Unity is dying.

The cancellation of the $20 Billion Teck Frontier mine was a horrendous blow to Alberta, showing that under Justin Trudeau the Alberta Oil Industry is under deadly assault.

Trudeau has angered everyone, with the silent majority of Canadians seeing him as weak and unable to enforce the rule of law, and the far-left considering him a ‘criminal’ for his meek call for the law to be enforced over 2 weeks after the crisis happened.

Trudeau is presiding over the collapse of Canada, with people across the political spectrum turning against him, and hundreds of billions of investment collapsing.

That is failure on an epic scale, and it’s clearly disqualifying.

So, if Justin Trudeau wants to talk about people being “disqualified,” we know the reality is this:

Justin Trudeau’s weakness has disqualified him from being Prime Minister.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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shawn harris

Trudeau through his deliberate and very destructive actions , has proven true what Harper said about him in pre election ads, “Justin Trudeau isn’t quite ready yet to be PM’.
So maybe now those who voted for Trudeau in the last election will reconsider their support for such an unethical , lying hypocrite, who has proven beyond any doubt that he was never qualified to be PM, let alone be trusted with our prosperity, laws, future and economy.
Trudeau is the new Nero, fiddling while Canada burns.

Major Tom

Trudeau is simply adhering to the advice of one of his mentors…..the late The Honourable Maurice F. Strong PC CC OM FRSC FRAIC who chaired the United Nations Rio Summit in 1993……..Strong stated……”Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Along comes Justin…….doing his part!


I hate to say it, but Alberta would be better off without being in Canada (at least as things currently are).

If Alberta separated (or entered into a soverignty-association) , they would do much better, and BC would play ball , or else.


I agree with you Canada can’t continue under the dictatorship of Justin Trudeau. The west have their problems in east Trudeau try to make our culture disappear by keeping the frontier wide open so that french Canadian will be flooded in a mass of illegal migrants. The only way to save our skin is to separate from Canada.


Why is the opposition not doing anything? That is the mystery here.


sock puppet trudeau’s string pullers must be pleased. Shared


We use China to make and import products that our government deems bad for our environment with laws.
Relying on these products from other countries has decimated our own companies to make anything without much consultations and costs with prohibited laws.

Guy-Paul Roy

Poor Poor Justine, everyone Hates him.

E Stevens

He has destroyed Canada it’s so far gone now and he does not care about Canadian people he has no back bone and should not be there as prime minister he needs to give it up let some one else that can deal with the crisis we are in right now.please let some one who can run Canada take over