Justin Trudeau Has Disqualified Himself From Being Prime Minister

His pathetic weakness is breaking the nation.

Justin Trudeau claimed that Andrew Scheer had “disqualified himself from constructive discussions,” after Scheer said the illegal blockades need to come down.

Of course, you and I all saw Justin Trudeau say the exact same thing a few days later, revealing that Trudeau was once again lying to the Canadian People and being a total hypocrite.

And yet, there is a deeper issue of “disqualification” here.

Just look and listen to what’s happening around the nation.

You can feel how it’s coming apart.

How the anger is growing.

Unity is dying.

The cancellation of the $20 Billion Teck Frontier mine was a horrendous blow to Alberta, showing that under Justin Trudeau the Alberta Oil Industry is under deadly assault.

Trudeau has angered everyone, with the silent majority of Canadians seeing him as weak and unable to enforce the rule of law, and the far-left considering him a ‘criminal’ for his meek call for the law to be enforced over 2 weeks after the crisis happened.

Trudeau is presiding over the collapse of Canada, with people across the political spectrum turning against him, and hundreds of billions of investment collapsing.

That is failure on an epic scale, and it’s clearly disqualifying.

So, if Justin Trudeau wants to talk about people being “disqualified,” we know the reality is this:

Justin Trudeau’s weakness has disqualified him from being Prime Minister.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube