WATCH: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney Speaks On Teck Frontier Cancellation & Ruling On Trudeau Carbon Tax

Kenney promises to protect infrastructure, demand fairness, and invest directly in energy projects.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney spoke following the cancellation of the Teck Frontier Mine, and the ruling of the Alberta Court of Appeal that the Trudeau carbon tax is unconstitutional.

Kenney made lots of news in his remarks, pledging to introduce a law that would toughen penalties for blockading infrastructure, allowing citizen referendums, and investing directly in the energy sector to ensure projects proceed.

As I said on Twitter, if Canada wasn’t in the Twilight Zone, Kenney’s speech would be exactly what the Prime Minister was saying:

“Jason Kenney is delivering a great speech. If Canada wasn’t living in the absurd twilight zone, the Prime Minister would be saying exactly what Kenney’s saying. Instead, we’ve got a pathetically weak fool in charge in the PMO who is overseeing the dismantling of Canada.”

You can watch Kenney’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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