Amid Illegal Blockade Crisis, Conservative Support Surges

The Conservative Party is up 5 points, and now lead the Liberals in voter intention.

Amid the ongoing illegal blockade crisis and weakness of the Trudeau Liberal government, a new Nanos Poll shows Conservative support surging.

The Conservatives now lead the Liberals, with 36.2, up over 5 points.

The Liberals are down about 1 point, to 33%.

Interestingly, the parties that have advocated total surrender to the illegal radical blockades – the NDP & Greens – are down the most. The NDP are down 1.3 points, while the Greens are down 2.3%, representing a loss of almost a quarter of their support. The PPC are up 0.5 points.

Clearly, the Canadian People are moving towards those who demand the enforcement of the rule of law and strong action, and are turning away from those who want to surrender Canada to chaos:

“PARADIGM SHIFT: Every left-leaning, anti-resource party is leaking major support in Canada, according to the latest from Nanos, with the effectively-leaderless Conservatives making major gains, even without a clear front-runner ahead of the June 27 vote.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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If there was ever a reason to have a “non confidence” vote in the House, this is it.

Gary Dube

And what does it all mean? Nothing. in 4 years the brain-damaged lunatic left will have forgotten all about what their simple leader has done and will again look to Cloudy days, or was that a brain dead haze? or no, it was climate maze. Bunch of idiots is what it is.