REPORT: Canadian Agriculture Reaching “Tipping Point” Amid Illegal Blockades

Canada’s economy cannot survive endless illegal blockades.

“Canadian agriculture is quickly reaching a tipping point.”

That’s what Mary Robinson, the President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture is warning amid ongoing illegal blockades.

As reported by the CP, “The Canadian Federation of Agriculture called for “decisive action” from the federal government Tuesday as it warned that rail blockades across the country were causing critical supply shortages for farmers and hurting their ability to get products to market.

Canadian farmers are being “severely and harshly impacted” by the blockades despite having nothing to do with the dispute over a B.C. pipeline project, federation president Mary Robinson said during a news conference attended by dozens of representatives from the agricultural industry.”

The industry is grinding to a halt says Robinson:

“The widespread collateral damage of these protests is grinding our entire industry to a halt and is taking a massive toll on farmers across the country,” Robinson said, adding some estimates have pegged the cost to industry at around $63 million per week.

“Canadian agriculture is quickly reaching a tipping point.”

Robinson is calling for action to prevent a crisis like this happening:

“We cannot continue to have our livelihoods held hostage every time a group wants to put pressure on government. These interruptions also greatly affect Canada’s ability to be a reliable and trusted trading partner.”

Clearly, Canada’s economy is crumbling under the continued illegal actions of the blockaders and the pathetic weakness of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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