Government ‘Response’ To Coronavirus Has Been Totally Backwards

They were too optimistic at the beginning, and are now getting worried when it may be too late.

You’ve probably noticed how the messaging from the government on the Coronavirus has shifted.

First, we were told that it was ‘no threat,’ that the ‘risk to Canadians was low,’ and we were even demonized as ‘racist’ for pushing for travel bans on the country where it originated – China.

But now, the government is telling people to ‘prepare for the spread’ of the Coronavirus around the world, including a wide spread in Canada.

What happened in between then?

The fact is that the government blew it.

Instead of overreacting – which is actually the wise course of action in an unpredictable spread of disease – they underreacted, and attacked and demonized those of us who called for stronger actions.

By refusing to block flights and refusing to strictly crackdown on international travel, the result was that the virus has spread widely.

And when it comes to a virus, by the time you realize it’s dangerous it is far too late to contain.

Now, some experts are saying up to 50% of the world should expect to be infected with Coronavirus, with Canadian officials now laying the rhetorical groundwork for what appears to be an inevitable spread of the contagion.

This is why we must trust our own initial instincts, instead of political correctness. Our instincts are the inheritance of those who came before us, and the initial impulse to isolate our nation from places where a virus is spreading is the right impulse, and is what we should have done.

Yet, because those in power ignored the correct instinctual reaction and instead pandered to pathetic political correctness, the risk to Canadians is far higher than it should have been.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube