VIDEO: Illegal Blockaders Are Trying To Set Trains On Fire

The threat is escalating.

With extremist lawbreakers now more emboldened than ever before, things are escalating out of control.

Now, illegal blockaders are trying to set trains on fire, as you can see in the video below:

“WATCH: Anti-pipeline protestors are resorting to extreme lengths, including trying to light a train on fire.”

This is now far beyond ‘protesting.’

It’s even far beyond ‘illegal blockading.’

This is domestic terrorism.

Setting a freight train on fire could cause a derailment, could cause the death of the train operator, the death of innocent people near the tracks, and could even cause an explosion of cargo, which could kill tens if not hundreds of people.

This cannot be allowed.

As Rachel Curran said on Twitter, we’re reaching the point where the Army will need to be brought in:

“This video…tire fires set right underneath train cars carrying dangerous, flammable substances.

How is this anarchy, lawlessness and *extreme* endangerment of human life permissible??

Time to send in the army if the police can’t handle it. These aren’t legit protestors.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Gerri Page

It is time for martial law and the military must intervene regardless of what the Liberal Party and Trudeau says. Protestors must be removed and jailed as most are Soros’s people and free loaders from all over. We must take Canada back from our enemies or there will be no Canada. The police and RCMP must get involved also. The blockades will be removed while The Liberals send welfare checks via rail and then back up again – Unbelievable how one unintelligent child PM can bring down a country as wonderful as ours for communism and control. The Democrats fear… Read more »

Matt kightley

Lol, there not very smart. They couldn’t even light a fire with gasoline.


Actually didn’t we hear that the two trains that derailed and caught on fire in Saskatchewan/Manitoba recently were caused on purpose also? Then of course it was denied but we cannot always believe what the tax paid media says either way? Also isn’t that radical extinction group also involved with all this too, really sad what these no country left politicians have achieved after almost 4.5 years of destruction at our expense. If these protester really wanted a reaction (especially from this government and their rich friends) instead of hurting us regular hard working people just trying to making a… Read more »


“VIDEO: Illegal Blockaders Are Trying To Set Trains On Fire”
This IS what happens when you have an INCOMPETENT government leading your country. It took Trudeau over TWO weeks to FINALLY step up and say ‘the blockades are illegal and need to be removed’ – a suggestion rebuffed by him a WEEK before when PC leader Scheer suggested it. NOW we have utter and lawless chaos in our country – and Trudeau IS the ONLY one to blame.
“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes DUTY”. – Thomas Jefferson

shawn harris

Is this the future Trudeau promised in 20125 when he said “sunny ways and a better future”, do those who voted for and supported him,still trust him? A future that is a direct result of his belief in communist thinking, that encourages and promotes anarchy and rebellion all dressed up in the fake defence of the environment and indigenous rights. Canadians must now see Trudeau as he really is: a traitor to Canada, incapable of defending Canada and Canadians from all threats, from within and without. This is what you can expect from a PM that is more interested in… Read more »

Jeff Wilkinson

Tell the RCMP and area police forces to head over to the gas stations in the area and get these guys more fuel. And heck, round up some native people to help out. We can’t let the Northern Ontario economy thrive. We have to let southern Ontario interests destroy every last inch of it. And speaking of the police, where the hell are they. Oh, that’s right, they’re babysitting people protesting economic development in this country and they’re carrying luggage for our illegal immigrants. What a sad state of affairs this country is in.

alan skelhorne

and the prima donna in Ottawa, blames everyone else