RCMP Commissioner Says “Enforcement Is The Last Option” For Illegal Blockades

This will encourage more illegal blockades.

Canada is descending further and further into anarchy and insanity.

And a key reason for the growing chaos is that those ‘in charge’ have absolutely ZERO understanding of human nature.

As you and I know very well, if you don’t punish illegal behaviour, you get more illegal behaviour.

So, by refusing to take action and refusing to enforce the law against illegal blockades, the Trudeau government and the Canadian security apparatus are encouraging more illegal blockades.

That’s led to a surge in the number of blockades, and an escalation into domestic terrorism, with blockaders attempting to set trains on fire, and lighting a car on fire and putting it on the tracks.

Now, it’s going to get even worse, because the RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki has confirmed total government weakness, speaking before a House of Commons Committee:

“Lucki said dialogue continues between the B.C. RCMP and the hereditary chiefs.

“We have a specific policy that we have created specifically for Indigenous blockades,” she said. “Of course, enforcement is the last option.”

It’s that last line that is the real problem:

“Enforcement is the last option.”

Every radical activist and illegal blockaders has now heard it directly from the top: If they are part of an illegal blockade, and if they mask it by calling it ‘Indigenous,’ they will be put into a long, drawn out process with enforcement only possibly happening way at the end.

“To quote RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki in response to these illegal road and railway blockades “enforcement is our last option!” Wait, What? Law enforcement is your first and only option! These are terrorist acts of sabotage, intimidation and trespassing!”

Meanwhile, for the rest of us, the government usually applies ‘enforcement’ as the first option.

And so, Canada descends further and further into decline, uncertainty, chaos, weakness, and division.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I knew when Justin was reelected that things would get very bad, but even I’m amazed at the speed of decline which is happening in our great country. I am dismayed that our law enforcement people are doing nothing, even when criminals are trying to set trains on fire. This puts people at tremendous risk, and yet even something as dangerous and reckless as that has no consequence.

Its only a matter of time until something tragic happens, and the victims will likely be innocent people.


“We have a specific policy that we have created specifically for Indigenous blockades,” she said. Hence the creation of elite groups that in the end come back to bite you …STUPID


The police, politicians and Courts wonder why Canadians have lost trust and confidence in them.


why pay taxes?


To keep the Crown off your doorstep.

Pamela Gagne

This situation is outrageous and something has to be done , immediately!

Ben Eby

At best the RCMP commissioner is loathsome. despicable coward. There are no better words available to describe her. She is a disgrace and a set back for all women seeking advancements in careers that involve the intelligent administration and enforcement of the rule of law. This person, with strong government connections, is an embarrassment to all Canadians, and frankly, her decision to stand down stinks to high a very high level.


Never thought Canada would be run by a dictator in my lifetime…..Wow, was I wrong!
The trud****makes a policy and the rcmp does what he wants…..Canada is sick.


Unbelievable. If it were any non FN led group (and these groups are by no means all FN), or a non enviro/FN cause, the cops would have been in there in a minute. This selective law enforcement is a travesty. Why have a police department if they refuse to act? Instead of standing behind her smirking Trudeau should fire her and replace her with someone who can act as a proper “law enforcement” officer. This is what we pay taxes for? What a joke!


Lucki’s lack of action is actually an Obstruction of Justice and a Breach of Trust. I’ll pursue the appropriate legal action in due course. Right now I’m pursuing a charge against the PM for the Aga Khan affair, and mounting a Charter Challenge against the carbon tax (the power to tax was never intended as club to bash citizens over the head and coerce a different lifestyle).