WATCH: Global News Report Reveals Blockader Who Has “Lived On This Land For A Very Long Time” Is Actually From California & New Mexico

And another blockader has been protesting various causes for decades.

There has been a persistent narrative pushed by radical activists and much of the media, claiming that the illegal blockades are all about ‘reconciliation’ or Indigenous People fighting the government.

In reality, while some protests have included Indigenous groups, and some are led by a few members of Indigenous communities, a key driver of the protests have been the same radical far-left (basically communist) activists who are protesting constantly.

They’ve simply found a new way to hide their radical ideology, dressing it up Trudeau-style in the clothes of Indigenous People, ignoring the fact that the projects they’re protesting are actually supported by tons of Indigenous Canadians.

That was exposed recently by a Global News report, which took a look at some of the people behind some recent illegal blockades.

In one hilarious example, protest organizer Natalie Knight said “we are Indigenous People who have lived on this for a very long time.”

Except, it turns out Natalie is from California, and has only been in Canada for about 10 years.


Another protester turns out to have been protesting various things since 2002. Also, a main protest group called the ‘Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism’ was previously a group advocating for more housing, and rebranded to take advantage of a perceived ‘connection’ to Indigenous causes.

As we can see, radical far-left groups are using Indigenous causes to advance their agenda, an agenda which just so happens to be directly opposed to what many Indigenous People in Canada actually want.

You can watch the Global News segment below:

“Fascinating reporting from Global on who is behind the protests in British Columbia. Hint…..they are pros dedicated to socialism and have jumped on to the Indigenous bandwagon to push their ideas.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter