Canadians Aren’t ‘Settlers.’ We’re Citizens.

The effort to repeatedly push the term ‘settler’ on everyone is part of a scheme to delegitimize the Canadian state and delegitimize the sacrifices made by those who built our nation.

Canada is a tough country.


The terrain, the weather, and the conditions are tough.

Yet, our ancestors came here from around the world, often with nothing at all, and built this country up into an advanced industrial nation.

Building on the legal and philosophical foundations of Western Civilization, our ancestors built Canada into a country that was able to put a tremendous effort into some of the world’s most historic conflicts, including our amazing contribution in World War Two against the Axis powers, when – despite our small population – we became a manufacturing powerhouse and sent hundreds of thousands of troops to fight for freedom.

Yet, despite all the amazing contributions of our nation, those in power and in the academic elite are trying to denigrate and delegitimize it all.

Their key tool in that delegitimization is the term ‘settler.’

Apparently, we are expected to believe that every Canadian – except Indigenous People – is a ‘settler’ in Canada. Whether you were born here, whether you immigrated here, whether you were a refugee, apparently we are all nothing but ‘settlers.’

That is total bullshit.

Canadians are not settlers. We are Citizens.

As Citizens we have a right to this country.

We have a right to be proud of those who came before us and built Canada.

We have a right to be proud of the accomplishments of our nation.

We have a right to expect that the laws and rules will be applied equally to everyone.

It’s time to start pushing back against the BS ‘settler’ term, and emphasize that we are Canadian Citizens who won’t stand for the delegitimization or denigration of our nations history.

Spencer Fernando

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