Huge Majority Of Canadians Say “Canada Is Broken”

Canada’s mounting crises and Trudeau’s weakness leave Canadians watching a country breaking down.

With the illegal blockade crisis continuing and the Liberal government flailing around in pathetic weakness while failing to enforce the law, a new survey shows a huge majority of Canadians saying the country is broken.

According to the Dart & Maru/Blue poll for the National Post, a whopping 69% of Canadians agree with the statement “Right now, Canada is broken.”

Just 31% don’t agree.

In addition, 49% want a federal election now, while 51% don’t.

And when asked how they rate respondents to the illegal blockade crisis, Justin Trudeau gets the worst marks from Canadians.

45% say provincial premiers are doing well, 36% say Andrew Scheer is doing well, 35% say Chrystia Freeland is doing well, and Trudeau comes in last place with just 27% saying he’s handling it well.

Clearly, Canadians can see that Justin Trudeau’s weakness is bringing the entire country down, and when the rule of law is not enforced on illegal blockaders (some of whom are committing domestic terrorism by trying to set trains on fire, it’s clear that the country is falling apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube