THE REAL STORY: Many Say The ‘Chief Woos’ Negotiating With The Liberals Has A Title That Was Stripped From The Real Chief Woos – A Woman Who Supports The Coastal GasLink Pipeline

Three Wet’suwet’en women with hereditary titles who supported the pipeline were stripped of those titles by the same men who oppose the pipeline and are negotiating with the Liberals.

It appears the Trudeau Liberals may be legitimizing what seems to be an anti-matriarch coup.

According to a Globe & Mail report from June 9, which is now resurfacing, three Wet’suwet’en women who support the Coastal GasLink pipeline and had hereditary titles say they were stripped of those titles by the men now negotiating with the Liberal government.

The women had formed the Wet’suwet’en Matrilineal Coalition, to help bring people together to discuss tough issues facing the community.

Then, they were stripped of their titles:

“While the natural-gas pipeline project has been approved by all 20 elected First Nation councils along the route, seven male Wet’suwet’en hereditary house chiefs have led a campaign to oppose it.

The chiefs say they stripped Ms. Tait-Day, Ms. Glaim and Ms. George of their hereditary titles because the women created WMC without proper authority. But the women dispute the validity of the severe disciplinary action taken against them, and argue that the WMC remains an ideal group to help bring the wishes of Wet’suwet’en members to the forefront.

“I estimate that a large majority of our nation supports the project,” Ms. Tait-Day said.”

Additionally, one of the negotiators getting the most attention, Chief Woos, has only been in that position for about a year.

Despite it being a ‘hereditary’ title, it appears the title was stripped from Ms. Glaim and given to a man named Frank Alec, who know goes by ‘Chief Woos’:

“House chief titles are held for life, and after the death of the holder are passed to someone in the matrilineage,” Ms. George said. “We are not ‘stripped’ like bark off a tree.”

Hereditary house chiefs say Frank Alec took over the title of Woos at a ceremony on March 2, but Ms. Glaim said many Wet’suwet’en members consider her to be the true Woos, the hereditary chief title for Grizzly House under the Gitdumden clan.”

In fact, you can still find Frank Alec on Twitter:

Frank Alec Twitter

Reading this you can see that what seems to have happened here is an anti-matriarch coup by some male chiefs who couldn’t get their way through the actual process, so decided to punish and silence women who disagreed with them.

“Never trust Trudeau’s CBC. They lie. They say the Liberals did a deal with Chief Woos. But his real name is Frank Alec, and he’s had the title Chief Woos for less than a year. He stole it from women who were supposed to hold the title for life. Source:

Now, the so-called ‘feminist’ Liberal government has legitimized and given power to that coup, a disgraceful move that punishes the women who supported the pipeline, as well as silencing the voices of the vast majority of the Wet’suwet’en People who want the project.

It’s disgusting, and it shows the pathetic weakness, incompetence, and mendacity of the Trudeau Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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shawn harris

Sounds and looks like what Trudeau did with Jody Wilson Raybould, both women did their jobs honourably and were punished for it. Something, a narcissist like Trudeau would approve of. After all, what says you love and respect a person more than firing them for having done nothing wrong and then claim to be a feminist. This also plays into Trudeau’s belief that the oil industry must be phased out and that pipelines must be stopped forever, to stop climate change. It also shows just how much a liar Trudeau really is, when he claims indigenous and first nations reconciliation… Read more »


There is a lot more that meets the eye with these negotiations.Trudeau is no better than Brian Malroney was.The natives are always holding the wrong side of the handle.We all remember Mitch Lake Accord when the natives were left out of the loop.It was Manitoba’s Elija Harper who changed the course. I don’t beleive anything the government is doing that will help the Natives.It is always one way street.I honestly hope from the bottom of my heart that this is resolved somehow that we all gain from it.


A bit of research on shows that this Woos character has somehow made himself the mouthpiece and decision-maker for all natives in Canada. Bennet seems to adore him and on the News, she turns out to be almost incoherent. No wonder the Missing Women’s hearings have turned out to be nothing but another Liberal waste of time and money. Woos didn’t “inherit” anything and has all other Natives terrified of him. this is not going to turn out well for anyone. Another checkmark in the Failure column of J.Trudeau?