Liberal ‘Deal’ With Some Hereditary Chiefs Doesn’t Even Address Pipeline

It also legitimizes a group of dudes who silenced Indigenous women and stripped them of their hereditary roles.

It seems the Liberals have either allowed themselves to be totally outfoxed and outplayed, or are simply so ignorant that they got totally dominated.

As we know, the hereditary chiefs the Liberals are negotiating with appear to have stripped three women of hereditary titles, which goes against the rules that are supposed to be in place within Wet’suwet’en territory, considering that titles are passed down in a matrilineal system.

In fact, the main face of the hereditary chiefs, and the individual the Liberals have elevated – Chief Woos – has only had that title for a year, and many believe the real Chief Woos is a woman in the community who was stripped of her title.

Now, the Liberals have been totally played, as their ‘historic deal’ apparently “recognizes the hereditary system,” which will boost the power and influence of the hereditary chiefs at the expense of the elected leaders and community members.

It also will encourage more illegal blockades, since they resulted in government action.

Worst of all, the deal doesn’t even address the Coastal GasLink dispute, which the hereditary chiefs say they still oppose.

In short, the deal gives a total win to the hereditary chiefs, while being a loss for the majority of Wet’suwet’en people, the elected leaders, and the Canadian People.

The Liberals got played, and all of us will pay the price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube