The Elites’ Obsession With Open Borders Has Made Coronavirus Far Worse

By ignoring the natural and helpful human instinct to close borders to protect against a virus threat, the elites have turned what should have been a problem in China into a global pandemic.

Common sense isn’t so common anymore, particularly among those in power.

The elitist political and business class are obsessed with creating a world without nations, without borders, and without any ability for regular people to influence policy within their countries.

That obsession has been devastating economically for many, with the working class, energy sector, and manufacturing sector facing a huge decline – with jobs and wealth shifted from democratic nations to authoritarian states.

And now, that obsession with open borders is making the Coronavirus far worse.

First, it caused severe damage in China, where the Communist Party tried to hide the truth of the virus, told people not to block travel from China, and tried to keep the export economy going without interruption.

As the virus spread, the World Health Organization did China’s bidding, calling on countries to keep their borders open with China.

Around the world, many countries took almost no precautions, refusing to ban travel from China until it was far too late. Some countries – including Canada – still haven’t banned travel from China and other virus hotspots.

All of this was about protecting a vision of the world and the economy that doesn’t recognize countries and borders.

The elites put their ‘one world’ obsession above the interests and safety of their own Citizens, and have allowed something that should have been contained in China to spread around the world, risking millions of lives.

The fact is that our initial instincts of closing the borders and banning travel were 100% right. If that had been done, if we had listened to our instincts, the Coronavirus would be much less of a threat.

And by denying those instincts, by denying common sense, our elites have enabled a global pandemic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube