BREAKING: Jason Kenney Endorses Erin O’Toole

A big win for the O’Toole campaign.

If Peter MacKay was heading towards a coronation in the Conservative leadership contest, that’s long over.

It’s undeniably a real race now.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has endorsed Erin O’Toole for CPC Leader, a massive win for the O’Toole campaign.

O’Toole has cast himself as a ‘True Blue Conservative,’ and Kenney’s endorsement will be a huge boost.

Alberta remains the strongest core of the Conservative movement in Canada, and Kenney can boast of an immense and effective political organization.

His support for O’Toole will be a game changing moment, potentially vaulting O’Toole into front-runner status.

At the very least, there will be no coronation. The fight is on.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter