BREAKING: Jason Kenney Endorses Erin O’Toole

A big win for the O’Toole campaign.

If Peter MacKay was heading towards a coronation in the Conservative leadership contest, that’s long over.

It’s undeniably a real race now.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has endorsed Erin O’Toole for CPC Leader, a massive win for the O’Toole campaign.

O’Toole has cast himself as a ‘True Blue Conservative,’ and Kenney’s endorsement will be a huge boost.

Alberta remains the strongest core of the Conservative movement in Canada, and Kenney can boast of an immense and effective political organization.

His support for O’Toole will be a game changing moment, potentially vaulting O’Toole into front-runner status.

At the very least, there will be no coronation. The fight is on.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Steve Richards

I am mildly impressed that Kenney would go this far this soon. My opinion is that O’toole is the only one so far that is showing anything I could vote for in a leader. Maybe there is hope that he has what it takes to take us out of this once great country after all.


Great news


I think the Conservatives need to reach out to us Canadians somewhere where we can all get to hear more about the candidates this is important for the party and the “paid by us” mainstream media is saying nothing. In our media I am reading lots about the USA Democrats candidates, but nothing about Canada’s Conservative candidates, unless it is useless or criticizing, but mostly nothing. We can look up the candidates names get on their websites, which is what I have been doing and I still like Erin O’Toole best (even if the not truthful CBC hates him because… Read more »

Arie Intveld

Kenney is most certainly NOT a “true blue conservative”. And Kenney’s endorsement of O’Toole suggests that O’Toole is also a blue-suited socialist, just like he and MacKay. Under ANY political stripe, and at ANY level of government, there is not one Canadian politician who will stake his/her political life on publicly denouncing the United Nations and its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This doesn’t bode well for Canadians who are either genuine conservatives or libertarians. As matters stand right now, Canadians are destined to become “obedient subjects” of an unelected organization of crime bosses (the UN) under ANY Canadian political… Read more »


Erin O’Toole’s rep called me yesterday. I was a CPC cardholder for ten years until Scheer showed up. I told him why I wouldn’t be voting CPC. Harper Time was great. His only mistake was the TPP without consulting us nor giving us time to peruse it. Today, I understand the dairy protests but I sympathized with them at the time because we had no access to info. It was so sudden, the deal, processed and shut. That moment made me understand how dangerous our government can be. When Scheer was nominated, I waited two years before renewing my membership… Read more »