School Evacuated After Train Derails In B.C.

What a coincidence that all these trains are derailing all of a sudden.

Canada is in the midst of a dramatic increase in train derailments, which just so happen to coincide with the illegal blockades.

The latest is a freight train in B.C., which derailed near Prince George.

The train includes propane tank cars, raising the risk of a possible explosion, though it is not known whether tank cars were full or empty.

As a result, a nearby school – Giscome Elementary – was evacuated.

Canada has seen a surge in train derailments, which is either a odd ‘coincidence,’ or – more likely – the result of the Trudeau Liberal government refusing to enforce the law and thus encouraging anarchy and chaos.

“Another train derailment.

This time in Prince George, BC

Pure coincidence right?
Probably has nothing to do with the pipleline protests, right?”

Clearly, things are increasingly dangerous in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot