The Trudeau Government Has Appointed Omar Khadr’s Lawyer As A Judge

Move will generate further outrage.

Nathan Whitling, who served as a lawyer for Omar Khadr, has been appointed as a Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.

The move is the latest in a long-line of disturbing moves by the Trudeau government relating to Khadr, including giving him $10.5 million in taxpayers dollars, refusing to help the widow of the American medic he killed get a chance to sue him for the money, and even having Trudeau meet with Joshua Boyle, who had been married to Khadr’s sister for a time.

The move was announced by the government online:

“Nathan J. Whitling, Q.C., Appellate Counsel at Aloneissi O’Neill Hurley O’Keefe Millsap Liberty Law in Edmonton, is appointed a Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. Mr. Justice Whitling replaces Mr. Justice K.G. Nielsen (Edmonton), who was appointed Associate Chief Justice effective May 17, 2019.”

Once again, the Trudeau Liberals have made a move that will outrage Patriotic Canadians, and show total disrespect to our country, our allies, and our soldiers.

Spencer Fernando

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Major Tom

…..’the death of a thousand cuts….” More proof that Canada is being more Shariah compliant every day….
And the pulpits….and the public…..are silent……

Garlet Farlett

If you say anything, it’s hate speech.

shawn harris

With Trudeau, it is always defend and reward Canada’s enemies, while rubbing Canadian faces in his radical socialist beliefs.Trudeau just can’t stop showing where his loyalties lay and it isn’t with Canada,Canadians, or our military and especially not with our legal system. No other PM has shown such outrageous contempt for our legal system, Canada and Canadians as Trudeau has.


Like the old saying goes :
It’s not ‘who you know’ but ‘who you blow’…… @#$% that Trudeau….


Appointing Khadar’s lawyer is totally out of line and Trudeau had to go.


The prime minster enjoys rubbing Canadian noses in the dirt.Canadian people gave him power now we have to live with it.
As Abraham Lincoln said.”nearly all men can stand adversity,but if you want to test a man’s character,give him power”.

Lynne Westlund

What have Omar and Joshua got on Justin?????

Patricia Marshall

This is outrageous, to put the lawyer who made it possible for Kadr to be free to walk our streets,and gave no funds to the widow, and family,of the man he killed, is a slap in the face of all law-abiding Canadians. However, since Trudeau appointed him there, I am not surprised. Just waiting to see how many more times JTcan slap Alberta in the face and how many times will our Government just sit and take it. Very sad.

Garlet Farlett

I’m shocked, aren’t you shocked? Because, I for one, am shocked.

Actually not in the least. He likes to do stuff like this to further cheese off Canadians.


Should be pretty obvious by now – Trudeau is flipping us to an authoritarian state.

chris malmstrom

this “government” has been hellbent on destroying Canada since they convinced the idiots (of which there appears to be many) of this once great country to give these liars a shot at leadership…
some people got smart(er), but there’s still boatloads of fools to give the liars a second chance…
when are these idiots going to wake up and see this “government” is anti-Canadian…
Trudoh’s every step is backwards to the prosperity of OUR country, as he seeks his own immortality with a seat at the useless U.N.