VIDEO: Journalist Bob Fife Criticizes Trudeau Government’s Handling Of Coronavirus Impact

“They’re slow.”

Highly-respected journalist Robert Fife, who broke the news story on the Trudeau PMO pressuring Jody Wilson-Raybould on SNC-Lavalin, has criticized the response of the Trudeau government to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

In a series of clips, Fife contrasts the response in Canada and the US, noting that the government here appears to be “slow” in reaction to the virus and the potential impacts.

Note, the clips were shared by a Trudeau supporter who added pro-Trudeau graphics to the bottom of the videos in order to try and stop them from being shared further. Yet, that doesn’t change the reality of Fife’s criticism, and in fact shows the Liberals desperate to spin the response.

As noted by @kelly_t_mac on Twitter, Trump didn’t actually call the Coronavirus a “hoax”:

“Trump never said Coronavirus was a hoax, but thanks for bringing this clip to my attention. Robert Fife is right.”

The reality is that this virus originated in Communist China, and the Canadian government refused to impose tough travel restrictions, despite many other countries doing the same thing.

Now, the Liberals are in full spin-mode, seeking to attack and silence those who ‘dare’ criticize the government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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