As Authoritarian Regimes Launch Oil Price War, Democracies Must Support Our Oil Industries

The world cannot allow the authoritarian states to dominate the oil market.

Matt Wolf, the Executive Director of Issues Management for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, is issuing an essential warning amid the Oil Price Collapse:

“To those seemingly enjoying watching the oil price collapse:

A) Forget politics. Real families will feel devastation firsthand.

B) If Russia & Saudis succeed in wiping out Western oil production, dictatorships will once again have a stranglehold on the global economy.”

“C) All of Canada will feel what’s happening now. This isn’t isolated to Alberta.”

Wolf is 100% right.

This is now a National Security issue.

We cannot, we MUST NOT allow foreign dictatorships to have total control over the oil market.

As a result, democracies must be prepared to step in and provide immense financial support to our domestic oil industries, ensuring they stay alive, thrive, and prevent dictatorship dominance over the market.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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D Met

The Canadian government needs to end the love fest with Saudi Arabia and start supporting CANADIANS. Stop purchasing oil from the middle east. We have oceans of oil in Canada! Wasn’t this the reason PetroCanada was established? It was meant to shelter Canadians from World oil prices. So between the government’s hatred of the West and the West’s greed, Canadians once again are left holding the bag.


But that’s what Trudeau wants. He wants to totally devastate our oil industry. So far he’s been pretty successful at it.

Ron Shaw

Unfortunately Todumb doesn’t understand macro/micro economics , unless it’s explained to him in one or two syllable words he’s lost . But his big toothy smile makes him look like he understands .

shawn harris

Very sound advice, but we all know very clearly that Justin Trudeau has absolutely no interest in supporting Alberta , Saskatchewan or their oil industries. Trudeau wants, with a passion to see the end of the oil industry here in Canada. And don’t think for minute, that these very same dictators,Saudi Arabia ,Venezuela, Russia and others haven’t been watching every move that Trudeau has been making and waiting for the precise moment to attack what little is left of our oil industry. Also don’t expect America or Trump to defend our oil industry, since America is all about protecting their… Read more »