In Letter To Premiers, Federal Government Says They’re Bulk Buying Protective Equipment

The announcement was made in a letter to Premiers that was not made public.

The Trudeau government says they are bulk buying personal protective equipment as the Coronavirus spreads and the burden on the healthcare system grows.

According to the letter – which wasn’t made public but was obtained by Global News – the government says bulk procurement of equipment is underway:

“We are reaching out to you today to ensure that as a country, we are as prepared as we can be, and to reconfirm for you that the Government of Canada is ready to support you and all Canadians,” they said in a note to premiers that was not publicly released.

“We are already leading a bulk procurement of personal protective equipment in which many of you are participating. We are ready to convene and help.”

As reported yesterday, there are increasing warnings that the healthcare system will be unable to handle the expected surge in Coronavirus cases.

And unfortunately, procuring protective equipment can be a challenge, in part because of our dependence on foreign countries for certain components of needed goods.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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