In Letter To Premiers, Federal Government Says They’re Bulk Buying Protective Equipment

The announcement was made in a letter to Premiers that was not made public.

The Trudeau government says they are bulk buying personal protective equipment as the Coronavirus spreads and the burden on the healthcare system grows.

According to the letter – which wasn’t made public but was obtained by Global News – the government says bulk procurement of equipment is underway:

“We are reaching out to you today to ensure that as a country, we are as prepared as we can be, and to reconfirm for you that the Government of Canada is ready to support you and all Canadians,” they said in a note to premiers that was not publicly released.

“We are already leading a bulk procurement of personal protective equipment in which many of you are participating. We are ready to convene and help.”

As reported yesterday, there are increasing warnings that the healthcare system will be unable to handle the expected surge in Coronavirus cases.

And unfortunately, procuring protective equipment can be a challenge, in part because of our dependence on foreign countries for certain components of needed goods.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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maybe if we buy enough masks from China we can arrange a prisoner swap … no wait, China doesnt have enough masks for its own.
Pathetic that we cant even make simple machine made masks in Canada anymore .
Thats what 4 decades of off- shoring gets us.

Eric Blair

The question is when will these goods be delivered if they come from outside of Canada? How far back does the backlog go? We will likely get these goods when CV-19 has blown over.


I’m sure that ‘protective equipment’ will go to healthcare workers first, as it should,THEN to the politicians, so they are less likely to get sick from the ‘rabble’ – meaning : ‘the rest of us’… No wonder it was ‘sent in secret’ . Don’t want to perhaps alarm the public, and let them know what a NON job they’ve done in trying to protect us, like by blocking incoming flights from the affected areas, and banning flights going to them, also. Just, what, 2 or 3 weeks ago – it was ‘ very low risk of infection in Canada ‘… Read more »


PS: Many hospitals are full of illegals who have nowhere else to live.

Dave Shirlaw

For party donors and border crossers only?

Dave French

probably very true Dave Shirlaw…would not surprise me in the least.

Garlet Farlett

Yeah, and like new fighter jets, they will probably get this gear in 2030…. Day late and a dollar short these guys are, on every issue.


I hope the polticians learn something out of this pandemic.You encouraged importers to buy outside Canada as though we can not produce things in Canada.Even a simple peg to peg the clothes on the line is imported.We in Canada have so much wood even a simple thing like that has to be imported.I hope that our manufacturing industries will be encouraged to think Canadian and for Canada.We must strive to be self reliant in every aspect of manufaturing goods. Now with this pandemic we will be short of a lot of things that we used to manufacture in Canada.I remember… Read more »