Member Of Parliament In Self-Isolation After Attending Event Where Someone Had Coronavirus

Liberal MP Anthony Housefather says he has no symptoms.

Montreal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather has put himself into self isolation.

The move comes after Housefather attended teh AIPAC Conference. Since then, an attendee of the conference who lives in Toronto has tested positive for Coronavirus.

As a result, Housefather has decided to stay home “out of an abundance of caution,” while noting that he feels no symptoms.

“Toronto Public Health has to do tracing of that individual and so we were advised to stay at home await their recommendation. Out of an abundance of caution, I am self-isolating at home awaiting further instruction from Toronto Public Health officials,” said Housefather.

“I feel absolutely fine and it has already been a week since I left the conference. I hope to receive further information from Toronto Public Health in the next day.”

Toronto City Councillor Josh Matlow has also put himself into self-isolation, after being in contact with someone who was recently in Washington. That individual recently tested positive for Coronavirus, while Matlow says he has no symptoms.

Spencer Fernando