Canada Must Shut Our Borders, Cancel School Nationwide, And Cancel All Large Public Gatherings NOW

We are only a few weeks behind what’s happening in Italy. We must take drastic measures now.

Italy, a nation of 60 million people, is in total lockdown.

And Italy is not an outlier.

They are simply a bit further ahead in their outbreak.

In fact, the charts of Coronavirus spread in many other nations makes it clear that we are only a week or two weeks behind Italy.

Here is the trend of cases in Canada:

Here is the trend of cases in other countries, showing how far behind Italy they are (meaning what’s happening in Italy awaits other nations):

Both the chart for Canada, and the cases in Italy and many other nations shows an exponential spread. Additionally, some are now warning of testing shortages in Canada and other nations, meaning that there are many people who could already have Coronavirus without knowing it.

The course of action for Canada is clear.

We have a glimpse of our future, and it looks like Italy.

We have perhaps one, two, or if we are very lucky, three weeks before that happens.

Which means we still have time.

This is what we must do:


That is what Italy has done in desperation, and it would be an absolute disgrace if we just waited a few weeks to take measures that could save lives NOW.

In a spreading viral epidemic, we must take strong and decisive action to protect the Canadian People.

We must act NOW before it is too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Has the selfie clown been made aware of this info?
Too bad TO voters did this to a country.

Garlet Farlett

He was a feminist conference.

Donald O'Kane

Thank you Spencer for this post, you are right on line with what’s happening in the world and we are not far behind considering Trudeau and the Liberals have been playing this down since the beginning. Our Federal government is putting ALL CANADIANS LIVES AT RISK. We need a governing party that will act on everything that is going on in our Country. We need HARPER or a Donald Trump to have our backs.


Spencer, you the Trudeau government wont do that,Trudeau wants Canada destroyed.


Tell that to the Toronto Mayor and his group who is currently enjoying a taxpayer trip to the UK on the excuse of business. No doubt he will self-quarantine should they catch the virus…
He says their are 50,000 new immigrants that are coming to T.O.

Gary major

IT’S TOO LATE OUR Prime Mistake is showing his true colours Today and all days ahead!

Dave French

Medical Doctor who specializes in ‘flu virus’ factually stated March 2020; 1. Coronavirus is a type of flu virus. Yes, take regular precautions that you would against flu 2. World wide “A bad flu season is 80,000 dead, we’ve got about 18,000 dead from influenza this year, and we have a few hundred dead from the corona flu virus.” 3. Businesses are getting destroyed, that people’s lives are being upended, NOT by the Virus, but YES, by the induced MEDIA PANIC,” The provoked Media Panic Must Stop. And the Media Press, they really somehow Need to Be Held Accountable because… Read more »


I agree 100%. The problem is Trudeau, Singh, Scheer and May do not seem a bit

God help us. Our government, whose job it is to protect the health and lives of its citizens, is doing nothing.

Nathan Hale

Toronto has been perfectly set up for a Covid19 outbreak. Imagine infected surfaces at Toronto Union station which is the hub for the Air Canada centre, Roger’s dome, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Via trains, Go trains and Airport express trains. If the virus is active in Canada, thanks to the hub the spread has gone through the golden horseshoe. Question is when will Union station be shutdown?

Helmut Beintner

2 weeks ago,starting next month.

Major Tom

Methinks that judging from his track record, saving the Canadian people would not be in Justin’s best interests….After all…..he is a globalist!

Helmut Beintner

What about the Teacher gatherings ? (strike) Is nobody interested anymore?Will the teachers get paid when they close the schools?