Episode 2 Of The Spencer Fernando Podcast

On the latest edition of The Spencer Fernando Podcast, Spencer Fernando discusses the rising Coronavirus cases in Canada, the need for Tough measures now, and more.

Here’s the link to the latest edition of The Spencer Fernando Podcast:

Spencer Fernando

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Thank you, so much for sharing important news with us. Canada needs your clear and truthful voice. Enjoy you podcasts.

Douglas Robilliard

Spencer as always your news casts in this case a pod cast number two, is very informative keep up the great unbiased reporting. I have to say the lib twit seamus has zero skills as a mp! just another clueless moron. There is a pattern here in that the pm surrounds itself with Dim Whits so it looks smarter than it is…..dumb and dumber!


Thank you Spencer for your common sense and truth, I hope enough people are listening and common sense takes hold finally. If our political regime had taken these actions right from the start, but you’re right for sure we had better start taking action before it is a lot worse.