REPORT: Between 35% To 70% Of Canadians Could Become Infected With Coronavirus

“Aggressive social distancing and large scale quarantines” necessary to bring the numbers down.

A disturbing new report reveals experts warning that between 35% to 70% of Canadians could become infected with the Coronavirus.

As reported by the National Post, “According to a disease-transmission model developed by University of Toronto researchers, the virus’ overall attack rate in Canada, without public health interventions, could exceed 70 per cent. That number drops sharply, by about half, “if we add modest control,” said epidemiologist Dr. David Fisman, one of the model’s creators, but it will take “aggressive social distancing and large scale quarantines” to reduce it further, he said.

“That’s still a huge number of people ill, and critically ill people are a large fraction in this disease,” Fisman said in an email. “I’m not going to share more specific numbers because I think they will scare people to no particular end.””

Notably, the emerging picture in the Provinces reveals a system already at the breaking point, with shortages already being reported:

“Doctors in Alberta have complained of a “lack of forward thinking” and poor communication about emergency planning. B.C. nurses have warned they’re already working short, and there are concerns about dwindling supplies of face masks, eye shields and other protective equipment. Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu Monday acknowledged that Ottawa is “very alive to the fact that some provinces are indicating they have deficits.”

As one expert put it, “you’re already working at 120 per cent capacity and now you have this on top of your normal work.”

“On the ground, there are concerns around supplies of gowns, gloves, masks, oxygen, drugs, ventilators, and laboratory capacity for virus testing.

“We need to scale up the testing of these viruses,” Cloutier said. “It’s taking far too long in some centres to get the results.””

Fisman is raising the idea that new hospitals will need to be built, akin to the makeshift hospitals that were built in Wuhan, China.

In short, Canada’s healthcare system is already overburdened, and with the reality of Coronavirus dawning on the nation, a total collapse of the healthcare system must be averted at all costs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Is there anyone in Ottawa who is concerned about this? Trudeau, Scheer, May, Singh?

While the virus spreads and the economy heads over a cliff parliament passes a law banning conversion therapy.

Ralph Knapp

This is the very kind of model prediction that is strictly a fear mongering exercise. I think it’s totally irresponsible to publish crap like this disguised as fact.


Reliable sources are being quoted. Quotes are generally seen as being factual. Where do you see the fearmongering? Do you hang out at the PMO?


He is NOT ‘reporting it as fact’. He is just passing along the information from the (so called ) experts. IF you want to go after anyone ? GO after them – DON’T kill the messenger as the old saying goes.

Brian Dougan

Ralph; respectfully–This isn’t akin to climate change (We’re all going to die!!) nonsense. I think the scientists are being quite sober about the potential numbers of patients hospitals may face. As usual; Canada is woefully unprepared, and the hospitals are sounding an alarm. I don’t think the *National Post*–or Spencer–had fear mongering as a reason for publishing the quotes. It is an alarming disease; let’s hope the people on the front lines can minimize the worst of it. If these models cause fear–At least the modelers are working hard trying to conceptualize a “best case/worst case” scenario. As Joanne said;… Read more »

Donald O'Kane

Our healthcare system may be decimated from this virus. STOP ALL IMMIGRATION NOW until we can manage what we already have going on NOW. TRUDEAU CLOSE THE BORDERS!!!! Get ALL the trains running so supplies can be transported. Follow the rule of law in this country and STOP all the protests and arrest these terrorists.


As Ontario’s Doug Ford keeps stating we have hallway medicine, there just are not enough rooms for patients to be treated and he is trying to get this fixed. So quarantined patients will be put where? and ventilators as far back as I can remember were always in short supply between the hospitals.


Keep in mind, Nancy, that there are a vast number of beds being occupied by Trudeau’s illegal border-crossers taking advantage of his Gold plated free health care that he isn’t paying for.

Gary major

The only one who’s supposedly in control and responsible is at another conference trying to prove again he’s a feminist butt the important part proving he’s not Canadas Prime Mistake takes a walk!

Clive Edwards

Looks like Alberta could have really used those oil royalties to expand the Alberta Health Care System. Time to execute the Buffalo option.

Arie Intveld


100% of Canadians are guaranteed to die from something at some point in their socialist existences in servitude to the State. The State will decide why and when it is your time. At present, the State needs to rid itself of old or sick people. Everyone else … buy Kleenex. Oh crap, the store shelves are empty.

No Sharia

And they said just wash your hands and it will be ok.

Sounds like the movie “as the wind blows.”

Doctors can be so ignorant…